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Dr. Haribhai M. Adalja
« on: January 25, 2010, 03:58:15 PM »
Dr. Haribhai writes:

I went to Sri Ramanasramam, in 1946, for Bhagavan's darshan.
All devotees were as usual seated in the big hall in front of Bhagavan. On one occasion, I wrote in a chit, "I feel that I have
the experience of the Self but my mind does not agree with that."
I placed the chit before Bhagavan.  After reading it, Bhagavan
ordered a copy of Sad Darsanam, turned the verse 33 therein,
and asked someone to show it to me.  The verse reads:

"To speak I have not known my Self or I have come to know my
Self, is ridiculous.  What?  Are there two Selves, one to objectify
the other?  Experience for all is that Self is only One."

On another occasion in 1947, I was coming down from Arunachala
Hill and Bhagavan was going up.  I stepped aside to give Him room
to go, as the path was very narrow, and stood with closed eyes
and folded hands.  When Bhagavan came near me, He asked me
to my great surprise:  "Do you still find two?"

On a third occasion, I put a question to Bhagavan:  "If waking and
dream states are not different, can a man realize his Self in the
dream state?"  To this Bhagavan graciously replied:

"First realize the Self in the waking state.  And then raise the

(Source:  Arunachala's Ramana, Boundless Ocean of Grace,
Volume 6. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.