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Darshan and the weeping
« on: January 25, 2010, 01:42:25 PM »
One day a prince entered the Holy Hall, with a few friends to
have the darshan of Bhagavan and took a seat beside us, as
there was no distinction between the prince and peasants before
Bhagavan Ramana.  One of his friends wanted to ask a question
but was hesitating to do so as the organ of speech generally fails
to cooperate in the awe inspiring presence of Bhagavan.  But to his
surprise and amazement, the same question was put to Bhagavan
by someone immediately.  Bhagavan too gave a convincing reply
and the joy of the visitor knew no bounds.  The prince sat quietly
for sometime and who knows what happened, he began to pour
forth streams of tears till he left the hall.

In the Hall, some with open eyes and some with closed eyes
used to build castles in the air.  Some used to repent their
omissions and commissions.  Some used to think their highest
thoughts and reach the peaks which they never dreamt of before.
Some used to roam about in worlds other than ours, sitting still
like statues and some others used to get inexplicable and mystic experiences. In some, the emotions aroused used to reach enormous and excessive proportions with in a few moments, as can easily be seen from the rapidity of their exhalations and inhalations. Unable to lose withstand the huge and unxpected flood of emotions, they used to lose their balance and weep bitterly.  Handkerchiefs or other clothes that used to reach their eyes and cheeks to dry the tears used to return wet.

(Source:  K.R.K. Murthy's reminiscences.  Arunachala's Ramana, Boundless Ocean of Grace, Volume 6.  Sri Ramanasramam,

Arunachala Siva.