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Silent and Solid Grace - 2
« on: January 24, 2010, 09:56:17 AM »
Sri K.R.K.  Murthy further writes:-

Once, one devotee of Bhagavan was abused, ill treated and prohibited from entering the Asramam.  Though Bhagavan was
aware of this, He never uttered a word or passed any remark favouring the devotee or the other side.  His silence might have
been misinterpreted as a favour shown to one side.  But what happened?  The devotee never used to come to Bhagavan Ramana,
as usual.

But Bhagavan Himself used to pass by the abode of devotee and
give darshna in a different place.  Who can prevent Bhagavan?
Bhagavan is interested in all His children even though some of
them might behave in a naughty manner at times.  Bhagavan
never used to condemn people and wound their feelings even though He is All Powerful.  No one is beyond redemption so far as He
was concerned.

If someone in the Asramam behaved in a very unjust manner,
Bhagavan used to know it, even though no one told Him) and
inflict some self punishment and deny Himself some dishes or
courses etc., without expressing anything to anybody.  Everyone
used to come together to find out why Bhagaan has given up
a certain dish.  As no one was bold enough to face Bhagavan
and ask the real cause, they used to examine their own conduct
and behaviour and discover the causes that might have caused
displeasure to Bhagavan Ramana.  They used to approach Bhagavan,
prostrate, beg His pardon and promise to be more careful in future.
This is the Bhagavan's way of rectification of wrong doers.

(Once the attendant failed to bring betel leaves and betel nuts
and chunam for Bhagavan Ramana after His meal.  Bhagavan
Ramana did not say anything.  (Those days, He was taking betel
leaves and nuts, for digestion.)  When He brought the items a little later, He said:  I do not want.  Take it back.  The attendant begged His pardon and prostrated.  Then Bhagavan Ramana smiled and told him:  "Anyway I was thinking that I should stop this habit since
my digestion is now okay.  Your delay in bringing the items helped that decision of mine.  Do not worry about this hereafter."  Thus, Bhagavan stopped the betel leaves and nuts habit once for all.)

(Source:  Arunachala's Ramana, Boundless Ocean of Grace,
Volume 6. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Silent and Solid Grace - 2
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2010, 09:38:46 PM »
How really fortunate are all those devotees who were fortunate enough to be under the most Holy feet of my dear Bhagawan. I wish I were near him physically and be taught and correct myself under the feet of Bhagawan's tender words, feel, air, touch, eyes, grace. I feel like bathing under the rays of the grace of his eyes. I am able to perceive the meaning of the word "holy" with my beloved Ramana. Oh, How I like everything about him. His white and small beard like a snow. His voice so sweet to hear like those of Dakshinamurty. So tender like a baby. Compassion that even a mother's love cannot match. Unchanged throughout, from his 21 yr old pic, later ones. Ah! can his compassion to Lakshmi be matched, can the compassion of Lakshmi towards Ramana be matched? I am getting goosebumps as I write this. Lakshmi, whenever she came to Bhagawan in the old Hall, used to go backwards outside facing Bhagawan. Jackie, who used to eat only after Ramana took some morsal of food.  Bhagawan's lila towards Muruganars wife Meenakshi Ammaal, who always complained to Bhagawan about Muruganar on how he is totally ignoring her. How affectionately he removed the thorns from the feet of Palaniswamy. How patiently and compassionately he dealt with Azhagammaal.

I want to wash your feel with my tears. Salutations to the Lotus feet of my beloved Bhagawan.
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