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Bhagavan, the Universal Father
« on: January 23, 2010, 10:29:41 AM »
An article from "Anon", that appears in Arunachala's Ramana,
Boundless Ocean of Grace, Volume 6:-

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi personifies, to many devotees,
the Universal Father.  Instances are many when devotees felt
that they were looking at their own father when they saw Bhagavan.

I vividly remember a friend of our family, who had accompanied
us to Ramansramam, in 1947, exclaim in delight, as soon as he
saw Bhagavan, "Here is my father, just as he looked in his later life!"  Far back in 1933, when my own father was drawn to Bhagavan Ramana for the first time, he actually saw 'his father' with the same physical traits.  And as recently as 1966, after the passing of my father, I cannot but be touched by the striking resemblance between his and Bhagavan's appearance.  Indeed Bhagavan Ramana is he embodiment of Fatherhood, that is at once universal and transcendental.

In 1945, while I was sleeping I had a dream that I was sitting in
a corner of a room.  Suddenly Bhagavan Ramana entered the room and I rushed to Him.  He appeared again in my dream, and while
He touched me in my dream, I had a vision of a Jyoti, (Light) brighter than the brilliance of thousand suns.  Waves of bliss and
tranquility took possession of my whole frame.  He raised His
finger and then told me:  O Child, do you understand what that
Jyoti is?  This is the real Karthigai Deepam.

In 1947, when I was travelling to Coimbatore from Madras, I broke my journey and I was in the Asramam, our home.  It was a Friday, a New Moon Day.  As I entered the divine presence of Bhagavan Ramana, I felt that I was submerging in a sea, only this was the
sea of bliss and tranquility.  We were there for the whole of forenoon and except a swift piercing look that Bhagavan blessed me with, nothing happened.  Nothing mattered any more.....

(Source:  As indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.