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The story of Smt. Mathurambal
« on: January 16, 2010, 02:22:23 PM »
Smt. Mathruambal, was the maternal aunt of Smt. Banu Ramachandran, the author of Spiritual Stories of Bhagavan Ramana,
in Tamil.  When Mathurambal was 18 months old, Bhagavan Ramana,
took her on His lap and wrote a, aa, i, ee... the Tamil alphabets
on the sand, holding the child's fingers with His hand.  He told
the mother:  "Chellamma!  Your daughter's aksharabhyasam, the
"first learning" is over.  There is no more worry for her. Everything is for the good."  Mother Chellamma did not understand anything.
The child was educated upto school.  When Mathuramba was just
18, the parents wanted to conduct her marriage.  They wrote to
Bhagavan Ramana in Tiruvannamalai.  The reply merely said:  For
her, the profession is more important."

The parents thought that Mathuramba should be married off to a
professional.  The marriage took place immediately.  As fate would
have it, in the year 1953, Mathuramba's husband passed away,
leaving two young children.  The widowed lady became afraid as
to how to live further in this world without any support.  She wanted to commit suicide.  When she attempted, she heard a voice telling:
"You have been educated by Bhagavan Ramana.  Why try to commit suicide?"  Hope returned to her mind.  She continued her education, and also underwent teachers' training programme.  In Periyakulam,
near Madurai, she took up a teacher's post and did her best service for children's education.  She retired recently.  Vilacheri Rangan,
the Bhagavan's school mate, Ranga Iyer, ( grandfather ) understood after a long years, what Bhagavan Ramana meant when He had said:  "The profession is more important (for Mathuramba)."

(Source:  Spiritual Stories of Bhagavan, Banu Ramachandran. Tamil.)

Arunachala Siva.