Author Topic: Purity and Impurity are only in mind.  (Read 2038 times)


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Purity and Impurity are only in mind.
« on: January 16, 2010, 09:53:21 AM »
Bhagavan Ramana never cared for physical purity or impurity.
Devotees who were ill had come to Him without taking bath.
Once when pall-bearers came to eat in the Asramam, without
bath, they told Him:  "Bhagavan, in Tiruvannamalai, there is no
water nearby.  However, we are very hungry. We have come after
placing a corpse in the cremation ground.  Can we eat?"   Bhagavan
Ramana said: "Go and eat first.  We are also carrying bodies which
are as rotten as dead.  Are we not carrrying this?"

Once a young lady devotee, did not come to the Asramam for darshan for 2 continuous days.  Bhagavan Ramana knew that she
had been hesitating to come, due to monthly periods.  He sent
word for her on the third day morning, telling that there was no
impurity excepting the mental impurity for the human beings.

Another young girl came to the Asramam.  She had her monthly
periods, as she had entered the Asramam.  She became very
guilty and was hesitating to come near Bhagavan Ramana to
do namaskaram.  Bhagavan Ramana deliberately called her to
come closer and do the namaskaram!

(Source:  The spiritual stories of Bhagavan Ramana.  Banu
Ramachandran, Tamil.)

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Purity and Impurity are only in mind.
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2010, 01:51:22 PM »
Dear Sri Subramanian
                             Thanks for bringing such events associated with Bhagavan’s life.  Bhagavan’s teachings  are great but equally important is his life because his life itself was his message like Gandhiji’s life was his message. In this post, you have brought out Bhagavan’s approach towards women during their menstrual cycle as well as pall bearers.  We  also know that Bhagavan took food brought by devotees who belonged to different castes .Like this, there are many incidents in his life worth following by us. However, in practice, when it comes to ourselves, we the devotees are reluctant to follow such practices as preached by Bhagavan .For example,in the case of marriage in hindu society, we are very particular to get our children married in our own caste and in the same sect. In Brahmin caste, a vadama does not want his child to be married to Brahacharanam or to a gurukkal even though all of them belong to same caste. In the case of women undergoing menstrual cycle, we do not allow them to participate in any of the  so called auspicious functions. Coming to women who lost their husband, there cases are still miserable and less said it is better. They are not allowed to participate in any rituals or auspicious functions. Many of us who claim to be the followers of great acharya’s/gurus do not want  to practice guru's teachings because these  teachings are inconvenient to us and against our age old rituals. Are we not  to follow Bhagavan’s teachings in letter in spirit when we claim that we are his devotees?. It  reminds me of the view of very senior respected  person who told me that  we Indians are hippocrates. I think that we want to follow what is convenient for us even though such practices are  against the teaching of our dearest guru.  I used to wonder that if only Sri.Raja Ram Mohan Roy (who is regarded as the Father of the Indian Renaissance) has not vehemently propagated the abolition of the cruel practice of Sati, till date the practice would have continued in our society in the name of  ritual and we all would have been following sati.
                                I assume that many of the devotees of this forum are youngsters and   they must be definitely following  in letter in spirit ,the teachings of   Bhagavan  and if they share their views on the above ritualistic practices,it will be of great help  for other devotees who are still deeply attached to age old practices which are against the teachings of our great  guru Sri Ramana Maharishi..


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Re: Purity and Impurity are only in mind.
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2010, 02:26:12 PM »
Dear viswanathan,

Yes. What you say is true.  We are not following Bhagavan Ramana's
path completely.  At the same time, Bhagavan Ramana said that
so far you are in a particular social cultural mode of times, you should follow the customs.  In the eclipse example, He only said
that there is no problem for Him to eat during eclipse.  But at the
same time, He did not disapprove, rituals for forefathers and taking
bath for some of the devotees, during the eclipse.  He had told
Jagadeeswara Sastri's son, not to have a long flowing hair but have 
a tuft of hair, since he was the son of J.Sastri and that too reading
in a Vedapatasala.  At the same time, when Muruganar wanted to
do annual rituals for his mother, Bhagavan made fun of him saying:
Have you not left this even after coming to me?  When Sivaprakasam
Pillai asked His permission to have tonsure, He said:  "NO. You should have a tuft of hair. Do not leave the acharam."  (Those days
even Saivite Pillais and Mudaliars had tuft of hair.)

1) For true seekers who are almost close to the Atma Jnana realization, He disapproved one by one of these customs.

2) He also said in a Jnani's Presence these customs need not be pursued by the devotees. 

After reading Him and asking many devotees inside the Asramam,
I have come to the above conclusions.  As regards marriages, He
approved marriage beween a daughter and a son of two devotees.
The marriage was conducted even without seeing the horoscopes.
Because, a Jnani ever does the correct thing.  But at the same time, He also (though personally against it) did not object to two separate rows for brahmins and non brahmins for lunch and dinner.  He used
to sit diagonally at the midpoint and eat His dinner or lunch!

But we should also accept that the time has erased most of these
old customs.  In today's house hold with office going girls, where
is the 'separation' for them during menstural cycle?  It is all gone.
Similarly marriages within the subcastes are also conducted in a
good measure among Hindus.

Post Script:-

When we went to T'malai recently, one of the days was Vaikunta
Ekadasi.  My wife wanted to fast full day.  She skipped lunch
and dinner at the Asramam, on that day.  I told her:  Why all these stupid habits in the Presence of the Power?  Today you have fasted.
But where will you go for Parama Pada Vasal?  Go and sit in the
Samadhi Hall.  That is Parama Pada Vasal.

I am one who do not bother about Ekadasi or Sivaratri.  On those days, I will do more prayer and meditation and that is all.

Bhagavan Ramana says when there is a pleasant (marutham) southern breeze, who will need a hand-fan?  When you are near Ganga, who will cry for water due to thirst?  In Jnani's Presence, all rules are suspended.

Arunachala Siva.