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A conversation with a relative.
« on: January 15, 2010, 05:15:11 PM »
Yesterday I met a relative of mine. About a year ago she went through a very bad patch in her life and was literally devastated. As a result she went into depression and suffered a lot. Even now she is taking medicine for depression!

At that time someone introduced her to some meditation technique and their guru. She was doing that. I encouraged her to take it up as that would act as a deviation and would atleast help her cope with the situtation.
Yesterday when I met her, we had a discussion where she asked me how long I meditated ...

"Madam, do you meditate every day", I asked.
She nodded in assent.
"For some time, say an hour or two in the morning. You sit in meditation and then those moments are very peaceful. Coz there are very few or no thoughts. And those are really wonderful moments, but ...
when you come out, you have thoughts. you have feelings. you have worries and your memories haunting you.
how do you handle them ? how do you work them out?
You cannot sit in meditation through out the day. if you could, it would be nice. but when you cannot. and you have to face your memories, thoughts, worries... what do you do ?"
I asked her. I took the chance she gave me to explain my point. How long i meditated or when i meditated ... all that was useless information for her. i  wanted to use the opportunity to help her if i could!

"That is the problem. We have to probably continue the meditation state ", she replied.

"Exactly! But the question is how? Please see that its the thoughts that are causing a problem. So we cannot move away from the thoughts. Come what may, if there are no thoughts ... one is free... without any problem. Only when there are thoughts we get into problems.
But thoughts are there to come. when they come what to do ... that is the question, isnt it?", I asked.

She agreed to that.

"So when thoughts come... Are they suggestions or commands?"

she was silent, so i explained it further...

"Suppose you are seated in meditation and a thought comes: ' lets move out and watch TV' ; is that a command or a suggestion?"

"Suggestion", she replied.

"In that case, it should mean, we have the choice whether to take it or ignore it! Right?"

"yes!", was the answer.

"So , the way to true meditation is not to 'avoid the thoughts' but to ignore them. Let them come, ignore them! observe without concern... they cannot touch you. Try as they may, they cannot touch you . Ignore thoughts. Ignore feelings"

The conversation ended there ...