Author Topic: Sivaprakasam Pillai Day - 12-01-2010 (5)  (Read 1269 times)


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Sivaprakasam Pillai Day - 12-01-2010 (5)
« on: January 12, 2010, 12:25:27 PM »
Sri Ramanadeva Maalai is another poem of about 45 verses written
by Sivaprakasam Pillai.  Here also, he regrets his inadequacies,
shortcomings and uncontrolled mind and the way the teachings
of Bhagavan Ramana set him right.

!. Ramanadeva!  Sitting under the shade of your twin feet, I do not
control my mind.  I do not know the way of singing your divine glories
with devotion.  I do not melt away when meditating on your golden
body, smeared with white Vibhuti, the colour of the moon.

2. From dawn to dusk I spend my days in vain talks.  Not even for
a moment do I think, "Who am I?".  May Lord, you have told me,
"If you speak one world it will multiply into many words."  Ramanadeva, I am only pretending to be your devotee and not
conducting myself as one.

3.  Though I have become old and have suffered from various diseases, I have not destroyed the desire for women.  The ghost
of my mind desires to see their beautiful faces, to converse with
them and to listen to their honey-like speech.  Even though I give
advice to the mind, it does not subside but wanders after them.
Ramanadeva, when will this delusion end and my mind become firm?

8. I have implanted firmly within myself, the knowledge, that you are
my Lord and I am your slave.  I pass my time with the faith that you will stop me and correct me even if I go badly astry.  Kindly bestow
your grace on me to introvert my mind.  Ramanadeva, whether it be
pain or pleasure, grant me whatever you will.

Arunachala Siva.