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Major Chadwick's (Sadhu Arunachala) random writings.
« on: January 10, 2010, 01:36:58 PM »
Major Chadwick (Sadhu Arunachala) writes as random thoughts:

I realize that I have only to strive sincerely and I, too can reach
that value of peace, where there is no more sorrow or trouble, just
because the objective world of sorrow and trouble has entirely
ceased to exist.

I see him sitting in the Hall completely detached, entirely unmoved, by the happenings which seem so momentous to me, his face wreathed in the loveliest of smiles, and an expression of serenity
and beauty on it which it is impossible to describe, or even believe unless you have seen it for yourself.  And this is an eternal source of hope and encouragement for me.  No books written in the past, no
stories of former saints can convey this same message; after all
there is always the chance that they may have been frauds.  But
THIS is absolutely genuine and I am unable to doubt any longer
even if I want to.  And I suppose, that is why people come here
and stay.  Here we are on the bed-rock of certainty in an ever-
changing and uncertain world.  Nothing can shake our faith, in this as long as we have the living presence here before us.

Methods do not matter, attainment does not matter.  Questions
disappear, for one gradually begins to realize that there is nothing, nothing but Him.

"But did'not Maharshi once write some Hymns to Arunachala?", you may ask.  "How do you explain this if there is nothing?"

I can't.  It is one of those delightful inconsistencies that one must
expect to find among Jnanis.  He says there is nothing and yet writes hymns to God.  But you surely don't expect a Jnani to be
cut to your pattern, do you?  Who are you to be able to say whether a thing is consistent or inconsistent?  Yours is such a narrow, relative point of view, while his iss the Absolute, Universal point of view.  There can be no comparison.  Anyhow ask him, I can't explain it.  But then I don't much want to.  The Hymns are beautiful and he wrote them. Surely that is enough!

"But just one more question.  Why did he move, why did he move
to Arunachala (from Madurai)?

I can't say, but if you were to ask him he would probably say he has never gone anywhere.  He is where he always was.  Not a very
satisfactory answer from our point of view. But from his, the only one.  He would also probably say that there is only one point of view, the others do not exist, and leave you to work it out for yourself.  The fact is undoubtedly that for US, he did come and we are now celebrating his arrival.  And, truly, Tiruvannamalai has been blessed by His Presence, and all of us who have had the good fortune to sit at His feet.  I doubt if we realize how lucky we are.
One is inclined to get used to things and take them for granted.  That is the nature of the ego.  But there is no taking Bhagavan for granted, He is always suprisingly different, and that is one of the great wonders of His Presence.

But, gentle reader, these are only random thoguhts.  I am not trying to interpret Bhagavan for you or explain His philosophy.  That is far beyond me. 

The only person who can wriote about Bhagavan is the person who really knows Him, and that only person who really knows Him is Bhagavan Himself.  And it is perfectly certain that Bhagavan will never write about himself.

You say:  "If there is nothing, why write?"

Yes, why?  The whole thing can be summed up in four words: 

                         THERE IS NOTHING. BE! 

When one understands those four words, one understands everything including Bhagavan Himself.

Then, there is no more to say.

(Source:  Arunachala's Ramana.,  Boundless Ocean of Grace, Volume 6. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.