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The thoughts and the ego
« on: January 10, 2010, 10:58:49 AM »
As the ego is the source of thoughts, destruction of the ego is
the means to the destruction of thoughts. So long as there is
effort, breath can be retained within.  However, as soon as the
effort ceases, it becomes outgoing.  Similarly, the thoughts that
remain contracted so long as there is effort, will start expanding
as soon as the effort ceases.  The Sages have therefore concluded
that the destruction of the ego is the means of destruction of thoughts.  Even when asafoetida/pepper is abesent, the container
in which it was kept retains the smell.  Even when the leaves
have been shed, the coconut tree is left with a scar.  In the same
way so long as one retains the ego, one has the vasanas associated with the sense objects.

Vasana is a beautiful word.  It means the latent tendencies and also the smell.  In the example of asafoetida/pepper box example, this
is figuratively and literally clear.  Thoughts are external and so
one can make attempts to ward off or kill thoughts.  But vasanas
are deep-delving demons.  They come from time immemorial.  They may suddenly spring up from nowhere.  This will toally get destroyed only when the ego is extinct.  Bhagavan Ramana has said:  Even
a single vasana, may prevent your liberation. 

Jatabharata's case is a classic example.

(Source:  Based on Sadhu Natananada's Tamil book, Sri Ramana
Darsanam.  Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.