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Tiruppavai - 27
« on: January 11, 2010, 11:01:50 AM »
Today, the 27th song of Tiruppavai is sung, being 27th day of
Dhanur (Margazhi) month.  From this day, the rejoicing starts.
The penance, like early morning bath in cool waters, not wearing
flowers, speaking about only Narayana, visiting temple, calling every
sleeping girl from her bed - is all over.  Narayana and Balarama had
come with them yesterday, and they have all gone for bath, did prayers, they got various requirements like umbrella, lamps, drum,
conch-shells etc.,  and the union is over.

Today they sing in all the glory of union of Jivatma and Paramatma.
This day is called Koodara Valli Day, because the phrase "koodarai
vellum seer govinda..." occurs in the first line of the song.  One
should be in Srivilliputtur or Sri Rangam today, to enjoy the festivities!

The song reads:-

O Govinda, who will conquer all those who are alien to you!*
Please give us the following for our celebrations:-

1. Golden Bangles.
2. Golden Ear studs.
3. Sevi-poo - a golden ornament, which is connected to ears to
the hairs.  (This you can see also in modern days.)
4.  Golden tinkling anklets.

We shall wear these and then also wear the new clothes, like silk
sarees and skirts that you give.  Then we shall eat the sweet pongal.
What type of sweet pongal is that?  It is made of choicest rice,
milk, jaggery, coconut water, green grams, generously mixed with
ghee, cashew nutes, dry grapes and cardamom powder!**   

When we eat this sweet pongal, the ghee that is hiding the pongal
should trickle down from our hand to our elbows! ***

mood nei peithu muzhangai vazhi vara --

mooda - the hiding
nei peithu - generous quantity of ghee
muzhangai  - elbow
vazhi vara - trickle down from hand to elbow!

Then we shall all be together after eating in your nice company
and seek your continued blessings. 

With that we shall terminate the Katyayani vratham.

* He will conquer only the alien forces, like Kamsa.  But what about the devotees who join him?  He will be conquered by those who join him!   

**  I shall separately write about sweet-pongal preparation.  Nonduel, please have it noted and do it at your home.

*** One gentleman who had no faith in God but great love for
Tamil and food, was asked as to what he understands from the
divine verses of Tiruvembavai and Tiruppavai.  He said:

1.  I do not believe in God.  So, these do not attract me as a
devotee, because I am not one.
2.  But I love Tamil.  The Tamil verses are really heart-melting
and melodious.
3.  And I learnt how to prepare nice sweet pongal from AndaL.
Oh, with ghee oozing out and dripping down to the elbows.....
I wish I should not develop high cholesterol.

Arunachala Siva.