Author Topic: Brahma Jnani acts as a mother  (Read 1460 times)


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Brahma Jnani acts as a mother
« on: January 09, 2010, 12:48:44 PM »
Just as a mother has to put herself in the state of the child, when
she speaks to it, in the same way, the Jnani, in order to settle
amicably the issues that arise through no desires of his own, has
to assume the state of those who approach him.  The following
stories of Bhagavan Ramana highlight this attitude of Him.

1. A non-brahmin once questioned Bhagavan.  Referring to to one
of the names of Siva - "Obeisance to him who is a brahmin" - that
occurs in Siva Ashtotaram, he asked, "Why shoulod the Lord be
described only as a brahmin?"

Bhagavan had to pacify him by saying, "Why should you imagine
yourself to be a sudra?  Ideas of differentiation such as 'I am a
Brahmin' and 'I am a Sudra' arise only from ignorance.  In the
real state, no differerences of any kind exist."

The questioner became satisfied.

2.  On another occasion, a devotee said that his father had given
him the Sakti Panchakshari mantra.  His father, who was known
as Mantreswara (Lord of Mantras) had told him that it was the means to liberation.  The son came to Bhagavan and questioned
Him about it.

Bhagavan agreed saying, "This mantra is indeed the way to liberation."

When the son raised a further question:  "If this is so, then are
you also practising the same mantra?"  Bhagavan had to say in
reply "Yes, yes, the same mantra only."

The attitudes and assumptions of the devotees that manifested
in Bhagavan's presence determined the response.

(Source:  Sri Ramana Darsanam, Sadhu Natananada.  Tr. into
English with commentaries, David Godman, Sri Ramanasramam,

Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: Brahma Jnani acts as a mother
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2010, 02:35:55 PM »
This is responsibility.
Let us read carefully: res-pon(d)-sibility , respon(ding) (to) (this moment).
This is a difference between reaction and response.
To my mind the word responsibility became not what it meant to be really. Nowadays it means that one must take all the problems of the world on its head..