Author Topic: Pageants in Sivananda Lahari - 6  (Read 1288 times)


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Pageants in Sivananda Lahari - 6
« on: January 08, 2010, 12:04:46 PM »
Siva is said to be the greatest Mukunda-priya.  Hari (Narayana)
is said to be the greatest Siva Jnani.  They merge in jnana-bhakti.
Sri Sankara brings this idea in Verse 82 of Sri Sivananda Lahari.

Banatvam vrushabhatvam artha vaphusha bharyatvam- arya pathe,
Gonitvam sakitha mrudhanga vahata chetyadi rupam dadhou |
tvatpade nayanarpananja krutavan tvadeha bhago hari,
pujyataras sa eva hi na cheth ko va dadhanyodhika ||

O the concorporate of Ambika!  Hari because of his having become an arrow for you, having become a bull as a vehicle, with half of
your body as wife (Ardhanareeswara), having been a boar, a girl-
friend, and a drummer became the most lovable for you.  He has
also donated his eye for you.  He is also a part of your Hari-Hara
form.  Because of these,  he becomes adorable by all devotees.
Who is a greater than Hari in this world?


arrow -  in Tripura Samhara, Hari became the arrow for Siva's
bull - in the same Tripura Samhara, Hari became the bull,(as
a vehicle), when  Siva's chariot-wheel broke. 


wife - in Hari-Hara avatara, Hari is the wife of Hara (Siva).

Saint Tirunavukkarasar sings:  "Where is the wife for you, O
Siva, without Hari?"  Hari and Parvati are brother and sisters.
Hari and Parvati are said to be the same principle.
boar - in Arunachala Puranam, it is said that Hari (Vishnu) went
as a boar to dig the earth to see Siva's feet.
girl-friend - sakita - When the milky ocean was churned and when
Siva was called to take the poison, Hari came as Mohini, the seductive girl.  (Srimad Bhagavatam).

drummer -  in the Pradoshakala Natya, when Siva dances, the drummer is Hari.

donating the eye - During a puja by Hari to Siva, it so happened,
one lotus (out of 1000 lotuses) became less.  The lotus eyed
Narayana, submitted his eye in lieu of lotus.  There is a temple
in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu for Siva, where he is called
Hari Netrarpaneswarar.  Siva, for whom Hari submitted his eye, in puja.

Arunachala Siva.