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Tiruppavai - 20
« on: January 04, 2010, 09:10:56 AM »
Today is the 20th day of Margazhi (Dhanur) month and it is the
practice to sing the 20th song of Tiruppavai of AndaL. 

With this song, the reference to Nappinnai is over. 

O the Ocean of Mercy who rush swiftly to the 33 crores of gods,
to remove their miseries. (1 crore = 10 million), please wake up.
O the One with great valour to protect the devotees, to remove
their miseries and the One who is justice and power embodied,
please wake up.  O the beautiful Nappinnai please wake up.  Please
send your husband with gifts of hand-fan and mirror to us and make
us quickly complete the bath in the river.

The handfan, mirror, kumkum, turmeric etc., are the gifts given to
womenfolk by the rich kings and chieftains.  For menfolk, sandal
paste, betel leaves and nuts are usually given as gifts.

The mirror is called ThattoLi in this song.  Those were the days,
when mirror with glass of chromium plating was not invented.  Hence, a thattu, large polished silver plate is given, with which one can see oneself for combing, dressing up, applying kumkum etc., ThattoLi means the light from the silver plate!

Compared to this the 20th song of Tiruvembavai of Saint Manikkavahchagar has more of imagery.  20th song is the last
song of Tiruvembavai.

O Salutations to your primordial lotus feet, which confers bliss.
O Salutations to your creeper like feet, which is the goal for all. 
O Salutations to your golden feet, from where all living beings
O Salutations to your flower like feet, which is the enjoyment of
    all living beings.
O Salutations to your two feet, which are the final destination
    for all living beings.
O Salutations to your lotus feet which are not fathomed by Brahma
    and Vishnu.
Salutations to your golden feet, which rule over the living beings,
    for liberation.
Salutations to You, let us go for Margazhi bath, O my girl.

Arunachala Siva.