Author Topic: Pageants in Sivananda Lahari - 3  (Read 1149 times)


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Pageants in Sivananda Lahari - 3
« on: January 03, 2010, 01:34:45 PM »
In the Verse 87 of Sivanananda Lahari, Sri Sankara uses the same
items viz., clothes, food, and ornaments in a different pageant.
This verse is also quite beautiful in treating the subject.

Ashanam garlam panee kalapo
Vasanam charma cha vaahanam mahoskha |
mama dhasyasi kim kimasthi sambho
tava padambuja bhakti meva dehi ||

O Sambu!  Your food is poison.  Your ornament is serpents.
Your dress is animals' skins.  Your vehicle is the big Bull.
What have you got to give me?  What great things have you
got?  Please give me only the total devotion to your lotus feet!

Muruganar says in Padamalai:  Your Paadam is Padam.  Your
feet are the Source into which my mind should become quiescent.

Kalidasa says in Kumara sambhavam:  O Pinkapani!* You have
nothing but you can give all the treasures that one wants.  You
are the Lord of the three worlds, but choose to live in snow capped
mountains of Himachal.  You are the embodiment of all welfare.
But none can fathom your true state of Consciouness.

Saint Manikkavachagar uses a different thematic picture:

O Sankara!  You have given You to me.
And have taken this poor me to You.
Who is wiser among the two?
I got limitless bliss from you,
What have you got from me?
O the One who resides in my Heart as your temple,
O Lord of Tiruperundurai!
You have taken my body as Your Abode
What recompense can I pay?
                       - Kovil Tirupadigam, Decad on Koil (Chidambaram)

(* Pinakam means in Sanskrit, both serpent and the Mount Meru.
Siva holds the serpent as the arc of the bow and the Mount Meru
as the bow and Narayana as the arrow for destroying Tripura.
But none of these were used.  He simply smiled at Tripura and
it got burnt.  Tripura, the three cities, mean mind, intellect and
ego or mind, body and the worlds.)

Arunachala Siva.