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Sri Ramana Jayanti - 1.1.2010 - 4
« on: January 02, 2010, 11:02:12 AM »
30th December 2009 - Wednesday

It was the third day in the Asramam.  We sat for the early morning
puja at Sri Ramaneswara Mahalingam Temple and after getting
milk prasadam, we went for breakfast.  Then we went around
the Hill, giripradakshina, mostly in car and a little distances by
walk.  We had darshan of Lingams in the route, and we wanted
to spend more time with Nrudhi Lingam, since I forgot the story
about Nrudhi.  I checked up with the priest.  We also read the
Tamil songs written on the wall about Nrudhi.  Nrudhi is the son
of Brahma, who caused mental illnessnes (in ancient India, it is
called ghost-stricken, madness etc.,) according to one's prarabdha.
Nrudhi got vexed with the job entrusted to him and he prayed to
Siva that he should come to Arunachala and instal a Lingam, praying which the afflictors would be cured of such illnesses by Vibhuti
offered there.  Accordingly, he established Nrudhi Lingam.

We went to the other Lingams and then came to Isanya Jnana
Desikar Math.  Isanya Desikar was an ardent Siva Yogi who attained Jiva Samadhi at the eastern slopes of Arunachala at the foot hill.  Once when he was in meditation, urchins came to throw stones at him to trouble him.  Annamalai and Unnamulai came as a tiger
and tigress and stood guard and the urchins took to heels. Kovilur Math of Tamil Nadu is managing Isanya Math shrine.  They publish Tamil advaita texts, like Kaivalya Navaneetham etc., with Tamil meanings.  They have brought out 3 volumes so far.  The 4th volume has been recently released.  This contains Vedanta Choodamani and Ajnanavadha Bharani, War cry against Ignorance.  Vedanta Choodamani used to be read by Kunju Swami.  Kovilur Math's Head took the young Ramana Bhagavan one day, in his bullock cart to the Math and fed Him.  He wanted Him to stay there permanently.  But Bhagavan Ramana did not stay beyond one afternoon there.  After completing giri pradakshina we came back to the Asramam.

 There, I met one Mr. Sabapathy, whom I had earier seen in Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman's discourse in Bangalore.  Mr. Sabapathy's mother lived in the same street, Chokkanatha Street, in Madurai, where Bhagavan Ramana attained self realization.  She became an ardent devotee of Ramana and had seen Him many times in Tiruvannamalai.  This pious lady used to tell her children to chant PonnoLir Pathu, Decad on Golden Light, ten songs about Ramana, by Satyamangalam Venkatarama Iyer and then only give coffee in the mornings!  Such a devoted family of Ramana!  Mr. Sabapathy grew in that atmosphere and became a regular visitor to Asramam.  He knew most of Bhagavan's works by heart.  We were quite happy to meet Mr. Sabapathy.       

Again, before lunch, I met my office-mate who had settled down in Chennai.  He has come with a large family group to T'malai for the first time and he said:  "I do not know why, but I am exteremely peaceful here in the Samadhi Hall. But I am also getting feverish here."  I replied to him:  "Do not worry.  You have just been caught in Ramana Net.  The tiger will not leave the fawn that has come to its jaws, till it is consumed fully."

WE came back to the room by 1 pm after lunch.  It was 3rd day in the guest house and we have to vacate that evening since Dr. Srinivasamurthy had told that no extension would be given since visitors are checking in, in large numbers.  We thought for a while.  We decided to shift to some local lodge so that we could spend 2 days more in T'malai.  We again jumped into the car and roamed like mad people to the various lodges in the town.  Every lodge was full.  Finally, we fixed a rat-hole for 2 days at exhorbitant cost.  In the evening, I told this to Doctor and asked him:  Whether we can have food in the Asramam, since we are now out of guest house.  The doctor smilingly told me:  "Subramanyam, these three days, the
Asramam is an open house for feeding.  You can also take Ramana Prasadam to your heart's content!"  We were pleased. 

The evening puja started early since it was Pradosham.  After Rudram, regular puja took place upto 7 pm.  There was Tamil Parayana of Wednesday.  Ulladu Narapadu, Ulladu Narpadu Anubandam and Upadesa Undiyar were sung.  After early dinner, we returned to the room.  Next morning, we had to start at 3 am since it was Ardra Darsan, when elaborate pujas would take place for Nataraja in Mother's Shrine.

Arunachala Siva.