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Lucy Ma Day - 31.12.2009
« on: December 27, 2009, 02:25:51 PM »
Lucy Cornelssen, a German devotee came to Bhagavan Ramana
sometime in 1940s.  She became the permanent resident of the
Asramam, right upto her leaving the body a few decades later. 
Her illustrious daughter is with the Asramam now.  When I met
the daughter in my June 2009 pilgrimage to the Asramam, I and
my wife met her near the dining hall one evening after Parayanam.
We could not get her name properly.

Lucy Cornelssen or affectionately called as Lucy Ma merged with
Bhagavan Ramana after a few decades of her stay in the Presence.
She is the authoress of a slim book titled "Hunting the 'I' which
was first published in 1979, duly assisted by Prof. K. Swaminathan and Viswanatha Swami.  Her Liberation Day falls on 31st December 2009.


We have to use our control of that biologically acting mechanism
- the brain.  We do it more or less automatically during the waking
state.  .... Somebody might tell you something.  You not only hear it but you are listening attentively to grasp that meaning.  If you are
not interested, you register the news to your memory...or not... and go on with your task.  You have perceived the event, but it has not made an impression on you, has not altered your quiet state of
consciousness.  You cut it short after the second stage.

This attitude of aloofnessness, of detachment has to be kept and
practised as often as possible throughout the day.

Because the moment you are perceiving something and re-acting on it, being interested or emotionally involved, positively or negatively, you have covered up the silent, neutral, pure, witnessing "I" by
the reactive aggressive, personal 'I'.

Accordingly the sadhana of hunting the "I" includes the practice
of attention to our own perceiving, with the purpose of cutting it
short, just before the stage of reacting sets in.  In practising this kind of detachment the seeker will soon get to a state of Pure
Awareness, which is no longer 'perceiving'.

To 'perceiving' in the customary meaning of the term belongs
'grasping' i.e reacting. It has an object and is an act within
time and space.  Pure Awareness has no object and is beyond
time and space.  It is the highest wakefulness without all the
other characteristics of the waking state.

This one means to carry over the absolute Silence of deep sleep
into the absolute, the Pure Awareness of the waking state.  Sri
Ramana Maharshi named it the sleepless sleep, the wakeful sleep
or sleep-waking.   

(From Hunting the I - Lucy Cornelssen, Sri Ramanasramam.)

Arunachala Siva.