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Madhura Bhakti - Gopikas
« on: December 28, 2009, 01:22:17 PM »
One day Krishna, the naughty thief was suffereing from unbearable headache. The queens of Krishna were bewildered and alarmed. They had never heard or seen Krishna having such unbearable  headache. Mean while sage Narada entered the scene. He too was in panic seeing the situation and asked imploringly, "Govinda! what sort of drama is this?" The  stage director of illusion, Madhava suffering from excruciating pain murmured a request, "Narada! this is no ordinary headache. This is really terrible. It cannot subside unless the dust on the feet of devotees is smeared on My forehead and there is no other remedy. Please go and bring immediately." Narada the trotter of all the three words obediently tuckled the tamburi, under his arm and started right away. He made his first request to the consorts of Krishna. They trembled at this request and muttered, " How can we give the dust of our feet too our husband, our very life, our Lord! Oh Narada! Have you gone mad to make such a request?" Hearing this, Narada ran away and approached some staunch devotees. He requested them for the dust on their feet according to Krishna's plea. They also shuddered and trembled, "What! The dust of our feet to be smeared on our Lord's forehead! Our beloved Madhava! What a sin! It would be the biggest sin ever to commit" and to redeem themselves from the sin of hearing such a request they slapped their cheeks and disappeared.

Narada was at bay and unable to think futher. He patted his forehead as if o provoke thought, immediately the Gopikas flashed in his mind. He galloped like a horse quickly to their village. On seeing Narada, the Gopikas encircled him, as everyone knew him. When they were restless and wriggled like a fish out of water. "Our Gopala has headache! Our Kannan has headache! he is in pain? Dust out of feet is requested!" They dashed into the nearby house and in a trice came out with a White cloth. Without any second gathered and knotted it into a bundle. Handling over this to Narada they implored him to hurry to Krishna! If our Deva Deva, the Lord of Lords is relived of pain, that is sufficient. If we have o languish in hell for this sin we are least bothered." Without wavering, without any hesitation they fulfilled the wish of their Lord. Is this not real devotion? Absolute devotion? This is real Love! This is spotless pure devotion? This is real love! This is spotless pure Love! This is selfless, childlike Love.

The Gopikas proved their pure love through such eperiences (not exactly proving) it was absolutely involuntary, Spontaneous. For sake of their Lord they would readily do anything, jumping in to the flames, jumping in to the unfathomable ocean or drink burning hot oil. They proved to the world the nature of true love. They would do any such thing without an iota of fear or hesitation. They thus became the chieftains of love, exponents of love!

Salutations to Sri Ramana

॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta