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Tiruppavai - 15
« on: December 27, 2009, 10:59:04 AM »
The 15th song of Tiruppavai by AndaL is sung on 15th day of
Margazhi, Dhanur month, this year, it is falling on 30th December

The 15th song is by way of conversation between the girl who is
at the doorstep to wake up the sleeping girl and the sleeping girl
who has just now woken up.  There is a reference about Krishna

"O, the young-parrot!* Are you still sleeping?"

"O girls, do not cause a rumpus.  I am coming!"

"O, we know your valour of empty words!"

"O, okay, you are only the girls of wondrous speeches.  You
are telling about me, let it be so."

"O, we know your wondrous actions.  First come out!"

"Is it enough if I only come?  What about other girls?
Have they all come?"

"Yes.  Please come out and count the heads."

" Come fast, let us sing the glory of Krishna who killed and dug
out the tusks of Kuvayalapeetam, the great mad elephant!"

Even Krishna's digging out of the tusk of the elephant was an
easier task, than these girls waking the dull girl up!

Arunachala Siva.