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Tiruppavai - 14
« on: December 27, 2009, 10:47:22 AM »
The 14th song of Tiruppavai, is sung on 14th day of Margazhi,
Dhanur month, this year on 29th December 2009.

Time is further running out.  The poetess describes the further
happenings of the early morning.  About flowers blooming and
folding, about the sounds of conch shell from temples.

O girl, in the backyard of your home, the the Chengazhuneer (Red
Hibiscus) flowers are blooming and the Aambal (night lilies) flowers
are closing their mouths.  It is already late early morning.  The
Sadhus in the temple are blowing their conch shells, as the call
for the devotees and to wake the Lord (!!!)* from sleep.  You
said last evening that you would come first and wake us up in this
early morning.  Is this all your commitment?  You did not do that
and without shame you are still sleeping.  O girl of empty talk!
Please wake up atleast now.  We shall sing the glory of lotus
eyed Narayana, with disc and conch-shell.

In AndaL's Tiruppavai, the girls' waking up and asking the Lord
to wake up -- all happen in 30 verses.  Saint Manikkavachagar
had earlier ( Period wise, Manikkavachagar's period was a few
centuries earlier), sung only 20 verses in Tiruvembavai, where
only the girl wakes up other girls.  The Lord is woken up in separate
10 verses called TirupaLLi Ezhucchi.  Both form part of Tiruvachakam.

Waking up the Lord is a paradox in such literature.  The ever-
vigilant Lord only wakes us, living beings, up, by showing up the
Sun and light.  The Lord never sleeps for humans to wake him up!  But Narayana is in yoga-nidra on the Adisesha in milky ocean.
This Yoga-nidra is taken as Nidra, sleep.

Arunachala Siva.