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Tiruppavai - 13
« on: December 27, 2009, 10:34:31 AM »
The song no. 13 of Tiruppavai is sung on the 13rd day of Margazhi,
(dhanur) month which falls on 28th December 2009, Monday.

Here there is a combined reference about Krishna Avatara and Sri
Rama Avatara.  The sleeping girl is still lazy.  Time is running out.
The singer says:

We are singing the glories of Krishna who tore the mouth of Bakasura, who came as a huge wild bird.  And about Sri Rama,
who severed the ten heads of Ravana.  All girls have just now
left for bath in the pond, since you are late.  The Venus appears
on the horizon and the Jupiter has disappeared.*  All birds have
started singing their melodious songs.  O girl with eyes like lotuses
and deer, why are you still lying in the bed, thinking about Krishna
all by yourself stealthily?  Please come and let us bathe in the cool
waters of the pond.  Why do you still lie in your bed?

(* The Venus appearing on the eastern horizon and Jupiter disappearing simultaneously is called Guru-sukra mootam in
Hindu almanac.  It happens only in the month of December-
January!  The ancient poets and writers were aware of this
astronomical event and many such events.  The English
astronomy discovered basic astronomy only in 14th century AD.,
twenty centuries later than Varahamihira and Agastya.)

Arunachala Siva.