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Dreams and Desires of the Jnani
« on: December 26, 2009, 01:21:05 PM »
Mr. C. asks if the Jnani dreams. (Date of this entry is not known).

Bhagavan:  Yes. He does dream.  But he knows it to be a dream,
in the same way as he knows the waking state to be a dream.
You may call them dream No. 1 and dream No. 2  The Jnani being
established in the 4th state - Turiya, the Supreme Reality - he
detachedly witnesses the three other states - waking, dreaming
and dreamless deep sleep -- as pictures superimposed on it.

Mr. C. then asks about desires.
      "Does a Jnani have sankalpas (desires)?

Bhagavan:  The main qualities of the ordinary mind are tamas
and rajas (sloth and excitement). Hence it is full of egoistic
desires and weaknesses.  But the Jnani's mind is Suddha-Sattva
(pure harmony) and formelss, functioning in the subtle vijnananamayakosa, (the sheath of knowledge), through which
he keeps contact with the world.  His desires are therefore also

(on the same day)

A visitor asks Sri Maharshi whether desire does not destroy Jnana.

Bhagavan:  The desires of a Jnani are external to him like other
objects and cannot taint him.

Visitor:  The Puranas say that Jnanis warred against Jnanis.
  How is it that?

Bhagavan:  Yes. Sri Krishna fought against Bhishma.  The Jnanis
view all as Brahman, yet they fight!

(Source:  Guru Ramana, S.S. Cohen)

Arunachala Siva.