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The beginning of the Quest
« on: December 26, 2009, 01:06:22 PM »
On 15th July 1936. Mr. C. reads the Sad Darsanam of Bhagavan
Ramana to himself in the Old Hall.  Verse 30 fascinates. (Ulladu
Narpadu verse beginning, "nan yar ena manam un naadi uLa
nannave....)  He reads it aloud and says:  "From this I understand
that the Quest must start with the mind and not the Heart, but
Bhagavan always speaks of the Heart, perhaps as the last stage
in the practice."

Bhagavan:  Quite so.  It has to begin with the mind turned inward
to oppose the rushing thoughts and to understand the location of
the "I".  When the mind eventually sinks in the Heart, undisturbed
bliss is overwhelmingly felt.  There is then feeling which is not divorced from pure awareness, i.e. head and heart become one and the same.

Mr. C:  In Verse 266 of Vivekachoodamani, Sri Sankara says that
Brahman can be realized by buddhi, the intellect, the subtle intellect, which means that the intellect can be of great help,
in fact, is indispensable for Realization.

Bhagavan:  The word buddhi is rightly translated as the subtle
intellect, but here it means the Cave of the Heart.  Nevertheless
the subtle intellect can also realize Brahman and is therefore of the
utmost importance.  (Bhagavan here reads aloud the Vers 266 of

"In the cave of the buddhi (subtle intellect) there is the Brahman,
distinct from gross and subtle, the Existence Absolute, Supreme,
the One without a second.  For one who lives in this Cave as
Brahman, O Beloved, there is no more entrance into a woman's

(Source:  Guru Ramana, S.S. Cohen.)

Arunachala Siva.