Author Topic: Guru in Vicharamala of BNV  (Read 1732 times)


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Guru in Vicharamala of BNV
« on: December 26, 2009, 10:37:41 AM »
1.  Many are the Gurus who teach a mantra or some scripture to
the disciple.  But a Jnani is above all these gurus, as he bestows
the knowledge of the Self, by remaining still.

2. All the other great ones merge in a Brahma Jnani.  So by
constantly contemplating the Jnani (Jnannopadeshta), a person
will be released.

3. For Atman, Atman alone is the Guru,  none else can be Guru.
Atman alone assumes the radiant form of a Guru and appears
in the objective world at a particular time fit for a disciple.

4.  With the knowledge, those wise men who understand Guru
as the Self and never as the body, gets released from the polluting
influence of body-consciousness.  However, if one sees Guru as
body, you will remain always in body-consciousness.

5. Those fools, who look at Guru as body are deluded by Maya,
as the one who sees a snake as in a rope in the darkness of night.
They will go from death to death, as a result of that delusion.
Fortunate are those whjo realize the Self, the moment they see
their Guru.  The rest, by considering him as body gets attached to
him and will go from birth to death.

6. One who arrests the external movement of the mind and
awakens the intelligence of self abidance in a seeker through
the teaching of self knowledge is a real Guru.

7.  As the fragrance of a flower wafts all around the tree, so too
the fragrance of realization in the form of rejuvenating peace will
waft around an enlightened person.

8.  In their very presence, the intellect and the mind become
absolutely quiet.  But this fortune of 'seeing' a Jivanmukta
is very very rare and this itself needs good vasana for a searching

(Source: Vicharamala - a Sanskrit work by Brahmasri Nochur

Arunachala Siva.