Author Topic: The Pre-eminence of Guru Vachaka Kovai in the Ramana Literature  (Read 1674 times)


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The Pre-eminence of Guru Vachaka Kovai in the Ramana Literature
« on: December 25, 2009, 01:20:44 PM »
From David Godman's article in MP, Oct-Dec 2007:-

GVK contains the largest collection of Bhagavan Ramana's spoken
teachings that was checked and revised by Bhagavan Himself during
His lifetime.  There are other records of His conversations -- Sri
Ramana Gita, Maharshi's Gospel, the talks that precede Sat Darsana
Bhashya - that Bhagavan went through and edited in some way, but
if one adds all these other checked and revised texts together,
their total still falls short of the volume of material that appears in

Bhagavan Ramana was also shown manuscripts that ended up as
Day by Day with Bhagavan and Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi, but He never went through them, pen in hand as He did with GVK,
revising the contents to make sure that they conformed to His

In addition to the sheer volume of the text (1254 verses and 24
verses by Bhagavan Himself), and the philosophical breadth of its
coverage, it is important to note that these GVK teachings were
recorded in Tamil, the language in which they were originally spoken
by Bhagavan.  It is an astonishing and little appreciated fact that
while Bhagavan usually spoke Tamil when He answered philosophical questions, virtually all of the people, with the exception of Muruganar, who recorded what He said chose to record His statements in some other language.  Maharshi's Gospel and Talks
with Sri Ramana Maharshi, for example, were first published in
English, and the Tamil editions that currently exist are translations.  of these English texts, nor original Tamil renderings of conversations. It was Muruganar alone who succeeded not only
in recording a massive corpus of teachings in Tamil, but also
inspiring Bhagavan to check, revise, and occasionally completely
re-write the verses.

Sri Sadhu Om, who wrote to Muruganar in one of his letters about the pre-eminent place of GVK in the Ramana literaure.

".... if anyone wants a single text of Sri Bhagavan's teachings in
which clear expositions of all the various secrets of spiritual wisdom
that should be known by the world are gathered together, that one text is Guru Vachaka Kovai.....

.....If we want to verify what the correct teaching of Sri Bhagavan us is on any particular subject, the answer will be available in Ulladu Narpadu (Sat Darsanam), Upadesa Undiyar (Upadesa Saram) or
Guru Vachaka Kovai.  Therefore, these three works are the true
Sri Ramana Prasthanatraya (the three fundmental texts of Sri
Ramana's divine revelation) and they are indeed a Prasadam
(blessed gift) of His grace which the world has received through
the agency of Sri Muruganar...."    (Ramana's Muruganar, Sri Sadhu Om).

Arunachala Siva.