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Guru in Vicharamala of BNV
« on: December 25, 2009, 12:43:19 PM »
A select verses of the chapter GURU in Bramasri Nochur Venkataraman's Vicharamala are given below:-

1. One who has realized the Self by abiding as the Self with the
authority of the Upanishads, intuitive reasoning and above all,
one's own true experience and whose heart is purged of all vasanas
and who is an ocean of mercy alone, is declared as a Guru.  (A true
enlightened Master's exprience will never contradict the authority
of the Upanishads).

2. One who beholds the non-dual and changeless Self in all
beings alone should be known as real Guru and not a person
who has become miserable by wandering in the mere words of

3.  One who never considers oneself as Guru and others as his
disciples, one who looks at all with an equal vision alone is Guru.

4. One who by austerity of Jnana and with intuitive knowledge
of the real Self remains inebriated drinking the nectar of the bliss
of Atman, should be known as Guru.

5. One who has the power to protect the Self from the ocean of
delusion by giving Self-knowledge and who teaches the seeker:
"You do not exist, nor I, nor this world, everything is Brahman
alone" is the real Guru.

6.  A seeker who has travelled through many births and has
suffered by various actions, wants the peace of complete actionlessness.  A real Guru who ever relaxes in the actionless
Brahman makes the disciple also one with that abiding peace.

7. One who is ever rooted in the sahaja-nirvikalpa experience,
( a clear experience of nondual Awareness) will transmit the
secret knowledge of Brahman, through mere mouna (silence ).
The power of 'Chit' chidasakti or chidvilasa is more eloquent
than any language to expound Brahma Vidya.

Arunachala Siva.