Author Topic: The Neo-Advaita - Misconceptions  (Read 2447 times)


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The Neo-Advaita - Misconceptions
« on: December 22, 2009, 02:55:42 PM »
The break-down of the traditional family structure in Western
societies since World War II, has produced two generations of
love-starved middle class people.  The amazing popularity of
Ammaji, the 'hugging saint' testifies to this sad fact.  It is not
unreasonable that the sens of 'community' provided by a sanga
explains the appeal of Neo-Advaita, nor its power to transform
the mind or its teachings of enlightenment.  Neo-advaita then,
is actually a lifestyle dedicated to solving Western problems
of alienation through providijng social contact, than a arudous
legitimate sadhana.  Neo advaita does not endorse sadhana,
because the children of the modern age are conditiioned to the idea
of instant gratification.

The Neo Advaitic sayijng, 'No method, no path, no guru, no ego
seems to echo the 'not this, not this' approach found it traditional
Vedanta.  Negate everything and the ever-free Self is realized by
default!  Here the apparent similarity ends.

Perhaps the best way to approach Neo Advaita is not so much
by what it teaches as by what it does not.  The most obvious
omission from the standpoint of traditional Vedanta is the notion
of adhikari, the qualifications necessary for enlightenment.  Neo
Advaita is burdened with a democratic ethos, the idea being that
anyone fresh off the street, can gain 'instant enlightenment'.
Traditional Vedanta disagrees, insisting that a seeker should be
discriminating, dispassionate, calm of mind, and endowed with a
'burning desire' for liberation along with secondary qualifications
like devotion,faith, perserverence and so on.  In other words, it
requires a mature adult not under the spell of is or her likes and
dislikes, with a one-pointed desire to know the Truth.  The reason
for this insistence is the fact that the enlightenment takes place
in the mind.  An unprepared, immature mind, buffeted by the strong
winds of fear and desire, is incapable of grasping and retaining the
Knowledge, "I am limitless Awareness and not this body-mind."
A Neo-Advaitic guru espousing this view would find it difficult
indeed to find any disciple!

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of karma yoga
in the Vedic tradition.  Karma Yoga is an attitude that one takes
with respect to one's actions and the results of one's actions.
The results of one's actions are not upto the doer, whatever
result, positive or negative, comes, it should be gladly accepted
as a 'gift' from God.  But Karma Yoga is never taught in the
Neo-Advaita world not only because it dismisses the idea of doership outright, but because the application of karma yoga
attitude requires enormous patience and dilgience, qualities
not in evidence in people seeking instant enlightenment.

(to be continued)

Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: The Neo-Advaita - Misconceptions
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2009, 02:56:06 PM »
Any path might or might not lead you to enlightenment.  It is difficult to say what would be successful. 

It seems to me that people are not on the path for the reasons they think they are.  Certain kinds of conditioning will place you on the path, and certain kinds will place you off it.  Thinking I am on the path for X reason, is probably false ... you will only fully understand why you took the path when you reach the end of it and understand all your conditioning.

The skepticism of the New-Advaita is useful, but clearly it can be used to mask no effort - as can anything.

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Re: The Neo-Advaita - Misconceptions
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2009, 02:04:17 PM »
Some years ago I did not know this 'neo-advaita' is a swear word. I thought this is just something new and fresh, that Bhagavan breathed new life in antient teachings and founded 'neo-advaita'. It were some funny situations while speaking to people who hates neo-advaita. :)


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Re: The Neo-Advaita - Misconceptions
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2010, 01:12:55 AM »
this are to much generalisations and the only teacher u mention is amma, who has not much to do with advaita or neo-advaita.