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Tiruppavai - 7
« on: December 22, 2009, 11:03:00 AM »
The 7th song of Tiruppavai of Andal is sung today, the 7th day
of Margazhi (Dhanur) month:

This describes a scene in Gokulam of cowherds and cowherdesses,
where Krishna was living till his moving to Mathura.

The small sparrows called Aanaichattan, is singing 'keech...keech'.
Have you not heard them?  The cowherdesses, with fragrant flowers
on their hair are moving the spindle in the pot of curds to make
butter, with both their hands and the bangles and the small goblets
on the bangles make beautiful musical sounds.  Have you not heard
them?  Have you not heard the sound of curds dancing in the pot
to bring out butter?  O girl, have you not heard names, Narayana,
Kesava, in our melodious songs?  Are you still sleeping with all
these songs and sounds?  O the Beautiful like effulgence, please
open the doors of your room!

There is no mention about any of the deeds of Krishna here in
this song, but the song is giving a picturesque scene of a cowherdess' homes, where the women in the early morning are
skimming the curds for butter, in the pots.  The bangles are sounding.  The flowers are fragrant and giving out the smell in
all directions.  The curds' dancing inside the pot is heard.  The girls
calling Narayana, Kesava in their songs are heard.  But this girl
is still sleeping!  She is beautiful like effulgence of light indicating
sattvic and rajasic qualities.  But she is sleeping, thus exhibiting
tamasic qualities.

Arunachala Siva.