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Arunachala Venba - 4
« on: December 21, 2009, 05:17:02 PM »
I shall give a few more verses of Arunachala Venba of Sri Sadhu
Om as translated by Sadhu Tanmaya Chaitanya:-

Verse 85:-  The holy name Arunachala, is he loud instruction
proclaimed by Sri Ramana Sadguru with the Will that His
devotees should attain by invoking the Lord's Name, the highest
blessedness through extinction of all desires in the flame of
Vichara.  Arunachala is indeed the king ruling over the mighty
trinity of deities Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra.

Verse 87:-  Arunachala is the holy mantra from the lotus countnenance of Sadguru Ramana, who came with the lustre
of a hundred rising suns effulgent in true Self Knowledge.
Arunachala is verily the Supreme Knowledge of the Self.

Verse 89:-  It is a wonder if a seeker does not understand in
a trice what this 'love of Self' or 'Self Enquiry'  means, as
championed by Sri Ramana.  But then it is Arunachala who has
kept it as a mystery.  My swadharma (foremost duty), is the
quest of the Self, and as Arunachala is the Self, Arunachala is
my swadharma.

Verse 90:-  Arunachala stands before me so that I may lose
myself in His worship.  Arunachala waits for me there to dissolve
myself in tears of love.  What is Arunachala but the true meaning
of pure devotion which makes me Siva the Self, by cleansing me
in those tears of love!

Verse 99:-  It is Arunachala who bears with all the failings
In my egoistic life caused by my body, mind and speech,
As I failed to abide in the silence of Self Knowledge
That Guru's Grace can bestow
It is Arunachala who will ultimately root out my ego.

Verse 100:-  Praise be unto the golden form of Arunachala!
Praise be unto the lotus feet of Guru Ramana!
Praise be unto those devotees who have surrendered to
Arunachala Ramana Sadguru!
Praise be unto the holy name of ARUNACHALA SIVA.

Om Tat Sat
Sri Ramanarpanamastu.


Arunachala Siva.