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Arunachala Venba
« on: December 20, 2009, 11:51:49 AM »
Arunachala Venba is a poetic work by Sri Sadhu Om, in Tamil verses
of Venba metre.  It glorifies Arunachala and Bhagavan Ramana.
Sadhu Tanmaya Chaitanya has rendered them in English prose.
I shall give a few verses, courtesy, Mountain Path, July-Sep.2008.

Verse 23:  When intense seekers (mumukshus) discard as pithless
straw even the exalted heavenly pleasures attainable by means
of Vedic rituals, (karma kanda or purva veda) and hunger only for the
knowledge of the Self, the very same Vedas, in their final portion,
(Vedanta) serve the liberating feast of the Mahavakya (Great Saying): Tat Tvam Asi (You are That)  teaching.

Verse 24: All human relationships pertain only to the physical
status and well being of the seeker and are not always helpful
to the spiritual upliftment of one's soul.  Unlike such ephemeral
and unreliable relatives, Arunachala remains forever our true and
absolute relative!  Arunachala never deserts us even for a moment
and finally saves us from the fearsome clutches of the lord of death,
Yama, by revealing our true immortal sense.

Verse 28:  When a child is stricken with fear, the loving mother,
takes it on her own lap and caressing it with soothing words of comfort, she wards off all fears from the child, infusing joy and
courage.  While this mother's compassion for the child is supreme
among all human relationships, the Grace and compassion of Arunachala for a genuine seeker far exceeds that of even such a
loving mother.  It shines in unrivalled glory with no example to
match.  Its supreme compassion other than Arunachala Itself.

Verse 31:  It is possible for a seeker to deviate from the goal of
abidance in the Self due to a variety of factors like name and
fame, intellectual brilliance, wealth and position, temptations of
gross objects and subtle occult powers (Siddhis), and lose the
blissful peace of immersion in the Heart.  As a consquence, one
may wander again outward in futile suffering.  Arunachala does
not tolerate such straying away from the Self-attention and brings
back the seeker in mysterious ways to the core of one's Antamukha Sadhana (inward dwelling meditation).

Verse 32:  Whatever one may do, the 'I' thought (ego) cleverly
continues to survive in the form of "I am doing this exalted mode of sadhana'.  In order to eliminate this primal thought and thus take
one to the blissful, thought-free state of Self Awareness, Sadguru Ramana instructs the seeker to enquire.  "Who is this "I" which makes such a claim?", thus facilitating the inward orientation of the
mind.  Enquiring "Who is this Guru Ramana?", the seeker finds Him to be none other than Arunachala Himself, manifest in human form.

Verse 37: To quell the egoistic clash that arose between Brahma and Vishnu, Arunachala alone manifested as an infinite column of fire, to reach whose top and bottom ends, the mighty deities took the form of a swan and a boar respectively.  Failing in that mission, they stood humbled in their pride, submitting before the Lord Arunachala who cooled down in the form of this divine Hill.  He acceded to their prayers and is everywhere accessible to all His devotees.  For them, Arunachala is the divine wealth of unsurpassed value.

Verse 38:-  "Harken and come hither!" The remedy in the form of Arunachala, for the malady of Maya that has overwhelmed you, is waiting here to cure you of all samsaric ills.  Arunachala indeed is the supreme medicine."  - such was the clarion call of Guru Ramana.  Heeding His call, all devotees who have repaired to the vicinity
of Arunachala in total faith and surrender very soon find the Hill
to be their supreme wealth and verily the priceless crown jewel
of their life.

Arunachala Siva.