Author Topic: Depression, despair and hopelessness in sadhana  (Read 42647 times)


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Re: Depression, despair and hopelessness in sadhana
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Dear ksksat-ji,

Namaste, and thank you for very much for your kind response, which I have seen only just now!  I am extremely sorry for the late response- it is because I don't visit the forum very regularly.  Thank you for your kind words.  But I am afraid I am by no means in a position to inspire anyone, except perhaps to be more earnest & patient than me! 

For inspiration, I believe seekers could find no better example than the many sincere and long-time devotees who have given their lives to the path of self enquiry- many of them are documented so well in the books published by the ashrama at various times ( e.g., Ramana Periya Purana).  I myself am always drawn to the lives of devotees for inspiration and encouragement. Here in our Forum we are fortunate to have Sri Graham & so many others.  It might perhaps be useful if they could be persuaded to share their struggles & experiences in a thread-  although I feel most of them are likely to prefer remaining in the background.   Though the struggle can seem so lonely, yet it is surely of some comfort to remember that many have walked this path successfully, and are doing so even now.  I think that is why satsanga like this Forum is such a boon to us. 


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