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Ashtavakra Gita - 12 [Verse 5: Know YourSelf & Just Be]
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Verse 5: na tvam vipradiko varno, nashrami na aksha gocharah
asangosi nirakaro vishva sakshi sukhi bhava.

You do not have a caste, you are not a householder nor a renunciate. You are not any object that is seen. You are Associationless, Formless Witness of Everything. Knowing this Remain Restful.

Please see how this is just a statement of fact. You are a Witness , Ashtavakra says. He does not say you have to become the Witness. So being witness is not a practice. There is a major problem in practice. practice cannot be done always. practice means constant effort. Somewhere or the else the person relaxes and those few moments are sufficient to get him into maya. Fortunately, this is not a practice. This is a statement of fact.
So I am the witness, that means what ever is witnessed is different from me... and not only that, the witnessed object cannot touch me! If the witnessed objects can touch me, then I am not a witness of the play. Its like a person watching a movie. If the movie characters touch him, he is not a witness... he is a part of the drama.

Witness means he is of a different level or of a different plane of reality. he cannot belong to the same order of reality as the objects witnessed. So obviously, none of the objects that are witnessed can be his company. They are of a different order of reality, so they do not form an association for the witness. Hence the witness is ever Alone! That Aloneness is called Kaivalyam.

All names and forms belong to the mithya jagat, the transitory world ... and hence the witness is not a form.

Thus knowing ... Relax. Relax and remain as Consciousness ... knowing fully well that you are the witness of this whole dream ... this body  is not me... this mind is not me... I am Consciousness which is not personal .Being that Relax. Coz there is nothing to do.

I am not the body means i do not have a caste. I am not the mind means, i cannot be categorized as a householder or a renunciate. Coz all these categorizations belong to the world of maya, mithya. and i am SAT, the Self , witness which is untouched by any of these!

Thus Relax and Remain Free. Nothing can touch you. Dont identify with anything.
Just Be.

So knowing this when a person sits down for meditation... closed eyes ... and then a thought comes "Come on, get up!" ... that thought should not be able to move him. Coz he is the witness ... The thought cannot touch him! no matter how many times the thought reoccurs, it is not a trouble. Coz the thought cannot touch. If the thought is able to move him... that just means the person is getting affected. he is not seeing himself as a witness... that is when he has to look within... the thought which is a mere suggestion ... how can it "move" you? look within! That is important. This is how the teaching is truely understood ... look within and see the Truth of it! When i am relaxed, what takes me away from it?

So being Relaxed is a very essential part of the whole Teaching ... The proof of My Realization is my ability to remain totally Relaxed within, in all circumstances and all situtations. When something is able to take away the Relaxedness ... that means ... something is able to touch me! Means i have already identified myself with the body/mind! And this relaxedness is not opposed to outward activity or taking responsibility. Knowing that i am the king, if i play the role of a beggar, then though i enact the insecurities of the beggar, the knowledge that i am the king gaurantees that those insecurities are not superimposed on myself. i do not feel insecure though it is the role of a beggar that i am playing. But during the drama if i forget my true nature, then the insecurities of the beggar role become my own insecurities... so i will not be able to remain restful.

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Re: Ashtavakra Gita - 12 [Verse 5: Know YourSelf & Just Be]
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Swami Vivekananda says,

If there is a wrestling match, who enjoys it, those who take part in it, or those who are looking on — the outsiders? The more and more you are the witness of anything in life, the more you enjoy it. And this is Ânanda; and, therefore, infinite bliss can only be yours when you have become the witness of this universe; then alone you are a Mukta Purusha. It is the witness alone that can work without any desire, without any idea of going to heaven, without any idea of blame, without any idea of praise. The witness alone enjoys, and none else.



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Re: Ashtavakra Gita - 12 [Verse 5: Know YourSelf & Just Be]
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It could have been worse. Like what happened to Jesus.


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Re: Ashtavakra Gita - 12 [Verse 5: Know YourSelf & Just Be]
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Dear grhluna and Sadhak and others,

Once Ramana told a person, not merely Stay still, but only Stay, Iru.
This person stayed there in T'malai for years, with just one pair of
dresses and no money for food.  He is the famous Thinnai Swami.

I think on a Kartigai Mahadeepam Day, He merged with Ramana-

Jesus Christ is the Jnani who said: I AM I AM.  This is the only
sentence that is in capital letters in the entire Bible.

The crusaders might have spoiled the name of Christ.  This is
like what happened to Chinmaya Mission, after Chinmayananda
passed away.

Arunachala Siva.