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Uttara Gita - 2
« on: December 04, 2009, 01:37:33 PM »
1. Making the Sky conceivable in the mind and making the
mind objectless, know him to be to be motionless Brahman.
This is the character of one who is in deep meditation (Samadhi).

2.  One who conceives of the essence of self as tinged with void is
released from virtue as well as vice.

3. There is no possibility of mental fixation of the invisible, whatever is perceptible is subject to destruction.  How does a Yogi (Read
Jnani) meditate on Brahman, the colourless, soundless and formless

By the word meditation, dhyana, we do not mean a form with
specific parts.  So the objection is untenable.

4. Making the Heart unaffected by impurities and considering
it to be free of ailment, realizing that 'I am all this'  one attains
the highest bliss. 

5. Know that the highest indestructible Brahman, free from the
qualitynof the voiced sound.  It is not consonant, nor vowel.
It neither belongs to the palate, throat, lips or nose nor to the
lines exposing the letters.  It is destitute of the quality of the
sibilant sound and it never perishes.

6. The body is exceedingly impure.  The embodied self is
exceedingly pure.  Once one knows the difference between
the two, who needs any further purification?    There is no
need even of water to purify it.

(Numbers are my own.  They are not as per the original text.)

Arunachala Siva.