Author Topic: Sri Arunachaleswarar Kartikai Festival  (Read 2167 times)


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Sri Arunachaleswarar Kartikai Festival
« on: November 29, 2009, 01:29:00 PM »
Sri Arunachaleswara Temple's Kartikai festival started during last
week.  On the 5th day, that is on 26th instant, there was procession in Rishabha Vahana.  Mother Unnamulai and Father Arunachaleswara
mounted on a big silver bull, comes out of the temple for procession.
There is a video clipping for about 4 mintues in the official website
of the Asramam.  The picture is fantastic.  The bull is really big
and the cute little Mother and cute little Father are seated majestically.  The vahanam should be really heavy and I see from
the video, scores of people lifting it and bring it outside the temple,
by climbing a few steps with hard work and extreme care.

Nandanar in Periya Puranam says "Ayya, malai pol paduthirukku
our madu."  "O Lord, there is a mountain like bull sitting before
your form."   It is really a big bull.  In Bangalore, Mysore and
Thanjavur there are huge bills.  And Thanjavur Bull, I am told
is carved out of a single stone. 

On the 6th Day, that is on 27th instant, there was a procession
of Arunachaleswara, Apeetkuchambal and sixty three saints,
on silver car, smaller ones.  This 63rd Saints Festival is quite
famous in Mylapore, Chennai.  There is no video on this from
the offical website of Sri Ramanasramam.

On the 7th Day, that is on 28th instant, there were Panchamurti Mara Rathams.  That is Arunachleswara, Apeetakuchambal, Vinayaka,  Skanda, and Chandikeswara, were coming huge
wooden cars, the Father's car being the largest.  It was moving
slowly with hundreds of people pulling it with a pair of ropes,
crying Annamalaikku Arohara, Annamalaikku Arohara.... Victory
to Annamalai, Victory to Annamalai.  Vinayaka first came, then Siva and then the Mother, followed by Skanda, and Chandikeswra, the
guardian angel of Siva's temples.  There is a four minute Asramam video clipping on this.

Once on the Wedding day of Arunachala and Unnamulai, devotees of Bhagavan from the Asramam, went out to see the functions and returned telling the descriptions to Bhagavan.  They also brought with them vibhuti and kumkum.  Bhagavan Ramana applied them on His forehead and said with great joy:  Today is the wedding of My Mother with My Father!  This is in month of Phalgun, Uttara star day.

Today is Arunachaleswra's royal visit to the streets, called Veedhi
Ula, in Tamil. 

Arunachala Siva.