Author Topic: The things that are eradicated by the Grace of Guru  (Read 1133 times)


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The things that are eradicated by the Grace of Guru
« on: November 26, 2009, 05:53:58 PM »
Muruganar lists out the things that are eradicated and destroyed
by gaining of divine grace of the Guru:-

Sri Guru Ramana Prasadam:

(Tr. by Robert Butler)

Verse 520:-  Amidst the burgeoning reality of Sivahood which
removes all obstacles, the "I" sense was lost and my true nature
stood revealed.  Through the luminous conduct that possesses
the divine power of supreme Jnana (Para-Jnana Vibhuti) the shroud
of delusion that covered me was utterly destroyed.

Verse 521:-  Will those who have attained Jnana - the highest
siddhi -have any regard for other siddhis?  When the siddhi
in which I abide as that supreme reality arose, infatuation with
other siddhis, which are flawed, disappeared completely.

Verse 522:-  In the sense of realization that shines as Pure
Consciousness, when there is neither birth nor death, separation,
nor union, thinking, nor forgetting, joy nor sorrow, all other
associations became meaningless and disappeared.

Verse 523:-  Through, the light of supreme Jnana, conferred
through the miracle of his form manifesting within the heart,
the illusion that is the mind, -- the error that deceived me --
was revealed as non existent, died and fell away.

Verse 524:-  His royal soverignity came to rule as the supreme
reality within my Heart through the clarify of consciousness,
whose form is love.  Through that rule, the wicked, empty,
debased mind was abolished.

Verse 525:-  As treacherous infatuation with the mind's creations ended and I was suffused by the sudden radiance of the supreme, my defective individual consciousness (Jiva botham) was expunged in the overflowing clarity of Siva-Consciousness (Siva botham).

Verse 526:-  When, through the rays of the sun that is the
supreme Self, Ramana engendered in me the equanimous
state of remaining simply as the Witess, the totally confused
error propagated by the Jainas -- that the Supreme is Void
-- disappeared, and my soul attained salvation.

Verse 527:-  He is the Sun KIng of Jnana, in whose presence
we come to shine as the Self.  When the nature of the Self --
final liberation - blazed forth, the Heart  - the vast expanse
of grace  -- was freed from the powerful fetters of the ego that
causes the aberration of the bewildered mind.

Verse 528:-  Why should I, dwelling upon the adverse conditions that arise in the world through this bodily existence, lose patience  and become displeased with the Lord?  Let life proceed in the way the Lord dictates.  With this attitude, I live with no anxieties in my heart.               

Arunachala Siva.