Author Topic: The benefits that are obtained through Guru's Grace  (Read 1354 times)


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The benefits that are obtained through Guru's Grace
« on: November 27, 2009, 01:36:47 PM »
In the same Sri Guru Ramana Prasadam, Muruganar lists out
various benefits that are obtained through Guru's Grace.  He
covers such things in 15 verses. (TR. Robert Butler)

Verse 529:-  That poisoned life, based on the cruel delusion of
the false understanding in which I denied God's existence, was
ended completely as the light of his Self-hood flooded my heart
and filled it to the brim.

Verse 530:-  Behold,  in the vast expanse of grace, -- the unalloyed
pure consciousness (Chit) in which, all else disappears, being revealed as consciousness itself -- the fulfilment that is experienced
at the flawless feet of the mauna guru is indeed  freedom from
all ills (niramayam).

Verse 531:-  My ego self dissolved in the shower of pure bliss which rained down from the Cloud of Dharma, refereshing the hearts of his
loving devotees, and I entered an existence which overflowed with
the joy of his love.

Verse 532:-  Through the blissful rain of grace that pours down, establishing itself as his own unique nature within the hearts of those saintly men who have no attachment to their actions, the sorrow of birth vanished for me, his devotee, and awareness welled
up as liberation within my own heart.

Verse 534:-  Through the gracious mark of his penetrating gaze,
implanting itself within my heart and restoring it to its true nature,
my purified consciousness attained a great clarity, and a one-
pointed awareness spread throughout my being.

Verse 535:-  Supreme liberation -- reality, the absolute fullness
of Sivam (Consciousness) -- became my very nature through the
direct perception of the divine, shining as consciousness within
Heart (Darsanam), and saving me from the false, deluding workings
of the mind.

Verse 536:-  Eliminating the errors of my words, thoughts and deeply flawed ego-mind so that all my defects subsided, a greater existence enfolded me, the wealth of the Real, flaring up within
my heart in the form of dynamic consciousness (Siva Sakti.)

Arunachala Siva.