Author Topic: Brahma Jnana Guru's kindness  (Read 1434 times)


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Brahma Jnana Guru's kindness
« on: November 26, 2009, 03:43:09 PM »
A Brahma Jnana Guru shows abundant kindness towards people.
In fact, any Guru worth his name should have kindness as his
first characteristic.

Quote Sri Ramana Lila:-

Bhagavan's kindness was proverbial.  His concern for the downtrodden was phenomenal.  His kindness was directly
proportional to the misery of the visitor.  Also, His welcoming
smile to an infant was warmer than that to a learned scholar.
Similarly, His replies to an unlettered person were more illuminating
than those to a scholar.  His warmth towards a poor man was
greater than that towards a rich one.


1. Once Bhagavan Ramana was walking into the middle path
of pradakshina of the Hill, with a few devotees.  After some
distance,  He suddenly went into an inner path and walked
fast.  The devotees did not understand Him.  They walked
behind Him.  In the deep jungle, there was a poor coolie
who was holding a mudpot with ganji (rice gruel).  The coolie's
eyes widened and he blurted out:  O Swami, you are here!
Bhagavan Ramana smiled and said:  Yes, I have come to take
some ganji from you! The coolie handed over the pot and He
took mouthfuls of gangi and returned the remaining to him.
He looked at the other devotees and said:  You have brought
nice snacks with you.  You take it for you.  I am happy with this.
This was the food given to me in the early years, and these were
the people who were taking care of me!  Then He hugged the
coolie and took leave of him!

2. On another occasion, again a coolie was standing outside the
Old Hall.  Bhagavan Ramana found him from the shadow at the
gate and QUICKLY WALKED TO HIM.  He had brought a pot
of gangi again.  He took it happily and asked him:  How are
you?  How is your family?  Is the income from land labour enough for you these days?

Nokkiye karuthi mei thakkiye pakkuvam
Akiki nee ennai andaruL arunachala!  (Sri AAMM - Verse  63)

O Arunachala!  You looked at me and considered (my case
worthy) me, touched me,  cooked me and ruled over

Looking - Sakshu diksha
considering - Mano diksha
touching -  Hasta/Pada diksha

Arunachala Siva.