Author Topic: Bhagavan, Visitors and Devotees  (Read 1247 times)


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Bhagavan, Visitors and Devotees
« on: November 25, 2009, 11:57:38 AM »
Bhagavan Ramana's kindness was proverbial.  His concern for
the downtrodden and ignorant was phenomenal.  His kindness
was directly proportional to the misery of the visitor.  Also,
his welcoming smile to an infant was warmer than that to a
learned scholar.

There were several occasions when people exceeded their
limits in their talk and 'discourses' with Bhagavan Ramana.
Such behaviour was looked upon as a nuisance by those who
came to Him for meditation or self enquiry which was facilitated
by His presence and some of them did feel the results straightaway.

There was one Sanksrit scholar who came and was talking about
scriptures everyday, day in and day out.  Everyone got annoyed
but Bhagavan simply was listening to him.  After a few days,
the Pandit came to the Old Hall and simply kept silent!  No talks,
no Sanskrit scriptures, no lingual diarrohea!  Bhagavan Ramana
simply looked at the devotees and said:  Pandit has also become
like us! 

On another occasion, a Pandit was speaking in Sanskrit.  Again,
torrents of speeches in the tongue of the gods that even gods
would begin to sulk. Jagadeeswara Sastri had to stand up and
shout:  "O dhushta, (mischievous fellow)  please stop all this nonsense!" Pandit then kept quiet.

Why did aberrations occur?  By the touch of Bhagavan's Sakti,
the mind of some visitors got churned and their latent tendencies,
vasanas, surfaced.  These were imbued with three gunas and
showed themselves as irreverent acts.

This is how a Guru acts due to abundant grace.

Nokkiye karuthi mei thakkiye pakkuvamm
Akki nee andu aruL arunachala!  (Verse 66 of Sri AAMM)

By seeing, considering or thinking, and then by touching
me, you cooked me with your grace, O Arunachala!

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Bhagavan, Visitors and Devotees
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2009, 03:12:32 PM »
Here we see how much  God"s blessings are  necessary. Recently I read one book which says, we can do lots of tapas and discord all bad gunas.
But the ego can be burned only by God. That is why Manikkavachakar sings. Avan arulale avan thaL vaNamgi.  Is it true?