Author Topic: Prayer to Arunachala to cure mother's illness  (Read 1917 times)


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Prayer to Arunachala to cure mother's illness
« on: November 25, 2009, 11:33:23 AM »
In the year 1914, when Mother Azhagamma came to see Bhagavan
Ramana in the Hill, she was staying in Echammal's house and was
daily visiting her son.  It was, I think, her second visit, in 18 years! This time, she fell ill and it was suspected as typhoid.  The fever was high and she was having delirium.  Thereupon Bhagavan
Ramana prayed to Arunachala to cure her illness.  This was the
only occasion that Bhagavan Ramana prayed to Arunachala, in a state of duality, for someone else's recovery to health.  The poem is of four verses in Tamil.  The original Tamil verses are available in Sri A.R. Natarajan's book "Bhagavan Ramana and Mother.".  I am giving the English translation of Sri Arthur Osborne.

1.  Hill of my refuge that cures the ills of recurring births!  Oh
Lord!  It is for thee to cure my mother's fever.

2. Oh God that smitest Death itself!  My sole refuge!  Vouchsafe Thy Grace unto my mother and shield her from Death!  What is death
if scrutinized?

3. Arunachala!  Thou blazing fire of Jnana!  Deign to wrap my
mother in Thy light and make her one with Thee.*  What need then for cremation?

4. Arunachala!  That chasest away illusion (Maya)!  Why delayest Thou to dispel my mother's delirium?  Besides Thee, is there anyone who with maternal solicitude can protect the suppliant soul and
ward off the strokes of destiny?

* As Bhagavan Ramana Himself has said later, how can His mother who had to be merged in the fire of Jnana, be cremated due to death by fever?  Arunachala cured her and then did the merger later in the year 1922.

(Source:  Complete Works of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, English.  Arthur Osborne.)

Arunachala Siva.