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Sri Soundaryamba Shatkam
« on: November 24, 2009, 04:48:01 PM »
On this day of Sri Soundarya Lahari, I thought I should also
write about Sri Soudnaryamba Shatkam, (shatkam = six verse
poem),  composed by Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri, on the
Mahapooja Day of Mother Azhagamma, Bhagavan Ramana's Mother.  (I think this must be in the year 1922).

This is a poem in Sanskrit in six verses. 

1. In the first quarter of the night of Friday, the ninth month
of the dark fortnight of Vaisaka month, Dhundubi year,....

2. Wife of Sundaram Iyer born in the exalted lineage of Bharadwaja,
Parasara and mother of Ramana Maharshi, born as an Avatara
of Guru Guha, the blessed lady.

3. One devoid of any attachment, one cleansed by bhakti
to Siva, on whose Prana was arrested by the touch of Guha
(Ramana Maharshi), one whose tendencies were all destroyed
that very moment.

4. She, Soundaryamba, became the Light which can be known
only by the Vedantic Vakyas, which is all pervasive, and which
was known by Her son.

5. Smt. Soundaryamba (Mother Azhagamma)*, the stream which
poured out of the lotus palms of Ramana Maharshi became a
new teertha**, the Aghasamana Teertham, the waters which
remove all sins.

6. Glory to the holy mother of sacred Ramana.
    Glory to the Samadhi.
    Glory to the Linga*** consecrated by the Maharshi.
    Glory to the new Agahasamana Teertham.   

( *  - Soundaryam in Sanskrit means Azhagu in Tamil.
        Incidentally, Sri Sankara's mother (who was conferred
        Mukti by her son) is called Aryambika.  Arya in Sanskrit
        also means Azahgu, Respectful.

   **   This is the famous Well called Azhagamma Teertham in
the Asramam, between Bhagavan Ramana's Mahasamdhi and
Dining Hall/Old Hall.

   ***  This is the Siva Lingam on the Samadhi of Mother,
called Matrubhuteswara Lingam.  The metal icon is called
Mother Yogamba.)

Arunachala Siva.