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Sri Arunachala Tattvam
« on: November 22, 2009, 01:56:43 PM »
What is Arunachala Tattvam?  Is it merely the epic story that Brahma and Vishnu
went in search of the top and bottom of the huge effulgence?  Puranic story apart,
what do Brahma and Vishnu represent?  This is described by Saint Poet Muruganar
in his verse on Sri Arunachala Tattvam.  He says:

Buddhi (Intellect) and Ego (Ahankaram) try to reach the Atma within.  But both
fail.  The Buddhi or intellect is represented by Brahma.  He flew on a swan to the
skies and tried to find the top of the column of effulgence.  But he failed.  Because,
the swan's wings got blunted due to the long journey without end.  Brahma himself
became tired as dead.  Then he finds a Thazhambu, a kind of flower,  long and leaf-
like descending from the above.  He catches hold the flower and requests it to give
as witness the falsity that Brahma had seen the top of the column.  The flower
unfortunately agreed.  Siva, the column of effulgence, knew the truth and simply
plucked with his nail one of the four heads of Brahma and also cursed the flower
that it would no longer adorn his hair.  Thus the intellect finds it difficult and impossioble to realize the Atma within.  The intellect at best, would use its crookedness and try
to pose as if it knows Atma.  But Atma knows the truth.

The Ego or Ahankaram, digs the earth to find out Atma, as Vishnu tried to find
the bottom of effulgence.  Ahankaram or Ego knows that it can never realize
Atma and all that it knows is only anatma, non-Self.  But one's ego knows where
it stands.  It does not bluff that it knows Atma.  Vishnu did not bluff but agreed
his defeat, whereas Buddhi bluffs stating from book reading and other pseudo learning that it knows Atma.

The Upanishads say that Atma can be realized only when Atma wills that way.

Muruganar's song:

Buddhi ahankaram pulampeidha ongum
Matthi idayanthan maraiyavanum malum
Natta ariyathu nalankulaiya annar
Matthi oLir Annmalaiyinathu meyye.

Muruganar then requested Bhagavan Ramana to compose a verse on Sri
Arunachala Deepa Darsana Tattvam, the meaning and purport of Maha
Deepam, which is lighted every year in Kartikai Poornima day. This
year Maha Deepam falls on 1st December 2009.

I shall post Bhagavan Ramana's verse separately.

Arunachala Siva.