Author Topic: Sri Arunachala Maahatmyam - 5  (Read 1258 times)


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Sri Arunachala Maahatmyam - 5
« on: November 22, 2009, 09:14:14 AM »
Verse 5 of Sri Arunachala Maahatmyam speaks about the glory of Arunachala Hill, which shall confer
Liberation to those who look at it from wherever it can be seen, or even to those who think of it
from afar.

Urutheru ellai utru nokkinal
Karuthinal dhoora karuthinal umme
Varutham urathu varaatha Vedanta
Arutha Vijnanam aarkum undame.

There are two things. 

Arunachala shall confer mukti to one who is seeing it from the visible distance.

Or, It shall also confer mukti to one who from an unseeable distance think of it.

There is a Sanskrit saying - Smaranam Arunachalam.  Mere thinking of it shall confer liberation.

What sort of mukti?  That which is obtained from painful reading of entire Vedanta! No such pains
here.  There is no need to read Vedanta, sravanam, mananam and all that rigours.

This Mukti is available only when you are born in Tiruvarur.  Which is not in our hands
This Mukti is available only when you die in Kasi.  Which is not in our hands.
This Mukti is available only when you visit Chidambaram, which only a few can do.
But Arunachala does not put these preconditions.  You can think of It from Qubec, Addis Ababa,
or even Bangalore.

This is the greatness of Arunachala that is mentioned in Verse 5.