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Manisha Panchakam - 5
« on: November 18, 2009, 03:56:56 PM »
Verse 4:-
Sri Sankara's reply, Verse 2:

Brahmaivaahamidham jagaccha sakalam chinmatravistharitham
Savam chatadhavidhyayaa trigunayasecham maya kalpitam
Itham yasya dhruta madhi sukatare nitye pare nirmale
Chandalosthu s thu dvijosthu gururityeshaa manisha mama:

Brahman, the Pure Awarness is itself the whole universe.
The three gunas, viz., Sattvam, Rajas and tamas have due
their ignorance produced all.  All these are only imaginations
from me.  The One whose Jnana is pure, full of bliss, and endless
and taintless, he is my Guru, be him a Chandala or a Brahmin. 

Sri Sankara says here that only Jnana is the criterion and not
the castes and births. Upanishads say that if one wants to
go to the Brahma Jnani and if such a Jnani is not available in
Brahmin's streets, go to the Chandala's street and find him.
What is important is Brahma Jnana and the interested receipient
will search for it even in down-caste's street to find him.  Caste
and birth are never important for attaining Jnana.  When the
whole universe is Brahma Swarupam, how can a Chandala be
not Brahman?

This Verse indicates the second Maha Vakya, (Great Word) of
Upanishads.  This is anubhava maha vakya, experiential truth
viz., Brahmaivaham Brahmam. 

Arunachala Siva.