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Sri Ramana Ashtottaram -3
« on: November 18, 2009, 12:25:51 PM »
Name 48:  Om Sri Dakshinasya Nipaya Namah:

One who equals Sri Dakshinamurty.  Like Sri Dakshinamurty,
Bhagavan Ramana also spoke in silence.  Sincere seekers
understood His silence, which is the great teaching.  Murugnar
used to sing:  "Here is One, who gives you Samadhi without any
efforts from you".  This Silence was most potent.  Bhagavan
Ramana Himself used to say that the Silence is the uninterrupted
speech.  It is one hand clapping as mentioned by Zen Masters.
There were a few great devotees like Wolter Kiers and Lakshmana
Swami, with whom Bhagavan Ramana spoke almost nothing.  But
they understood His silence and became self realized, through
Atma Vichara.

50.  Om Sri Dakshinabimukaya Namah:

Though accidentally, Bhagavan Ramana always sat looking at
Southern direction.  He is a spiritual north pole.  In Old Hall
as well as in Jubilee Hall today, one can see Bhagavan's sofa
is facing South.  It is where He was sitting.  Virupaksha Cave
and Skandasramam were also having an entrance facing South
and Bhagavan Ramana was always sitting facing South.

51. Om Sonachala Hrudbuta Skandasrama Niketanaya Namah:

One who stayed in Skandasramam, which is in the shape of
a Heart. It is actually the Heart Cave.  Bhagavan Ramana
stayed in Skandasramam for 6 years, say from 1917-1922.
It is where Mother Azhagamma came to stay with Him.  Regular simple cooking started from this centre.  The fire started by
Mother Azhagamma for serving hot food to devotees, continue
even today.  Sri Ramansramam feeds at least 200 persons evey session with hot breakfast, lunch and dinner.  On special days
like Jayanti and Mahapuja, it would exceed even 1000.  On
Tsuanami day, when people came from Chennai and Pondicherry and Nagapattinam and surrendered to "this Abode that removes fear in you" and I am told on that fateful day 3000 persons were fed!  The devotees inside the Old Hall were in meditation hall were watching this mini-dissolution where Siva was dancing with Uma, (Sri
Soundarya Lahari).

Arunachala Siva.