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Sri Ramana Ashottaram
« on: November 17, 2009, 11:19:03 AM »
Today, "nobody" wanted to know about Sri Ramana Ashottaram.
I thought that I could give some names out of the 108 names.
This was composed by Sri Viswanatha Swami in Sanskrit.  He
has also written an invocatory verse and a benediction verse.
These have been rendered in Tamil verses by Bhagavan Ramana
Himself!  This Tamil meanings have been elaborated by Sri
Viswanatha Swami.  Sri Ramana Sahasranamam, has been
rendered by Sri Jagadiswara Sastri, an ardent devotee and a
Sanskrit scholar.

1. Om Mahasena Mahomsena Jataya Namah:

One who is born in the divine angels' lineage, as Tejas, Light.
He is also the commander in chief of devas' armies.  Here literally, it means Skanda, Siva's son, who was born from the third eye
of Siva.   But figuratively, it means he is commander of yogis, siddhas, jnanis and is in the form of Light of Jnana.
Prostrations to Him!

6. Om Sri Bhuminathstalottiya Namah:

One who is born in the town of Sri Bhuminatha.  Bhuminatha
is Siva in Tiruchuzhi Temple.  Bhagavan Ramana was born in
Tiruchuzhi, near Madurai.  Prostations to Him!

10. Sri Sundararya tapa phala Namah:

One who is born to Sri Sundaram Iyer, as a prize for his tapas.
Prostrations to Him!

If one takes phala as fruit, then He is the fruit of Sri Sundaram
Iyer's tapas viruksha, tapa tree, tree of penance.

13. Om Sonachala Maholeena Maanasaya Namah:

One whose mind, got merged into the Tejas of Sonachalam,
Tiruvannamalai, Arunachala, right from His young age.
Prostrations to Him!

Some visitor to His house told Him that he was coming from
Sonachalam. He explained further that it was Tiruvannamalai.
Bhagavan Ramana's mind became quiscent with that name.
This has happened in Tiruchuzhi.  Saint Tiruvanavukkarasar
says in Tevaram, "Munnar avan namam kettaL."  The lady-love
just heard his name and she became quiscent.  Name first
attracts devotee.  It happened in my own case too.
15. Srimath Twadhasanta mahasthale lapta vidyodaya Namah:

Twadasantha sthalam is Madurai.  In Madurai, it is said that
above the 6 centres like Mooladharam etc., there are six other
centres, representing the 6 aspects of Devi Upasana.  Bhagavan Ramana was living in Madurai, in this twadasantha sthalam, and where Atma Jnana arose in His Heart. 

21. Om Pituradesa Sonasaila Praptya Namah:

By His father's command, He came to Arunachala, Sonachala.
Bhagavan Ramana came to Arunachala, as per His father's
command.  The divine force gave Him the ways and means
to arrive at Arunachala on 1st September, 1896.  He came and
told Siva in the Temple, after embracing Him, "O Father!  I have
come to You as per Your command. It is for You to take care of me!"
Prostrations to Him!

Saint Tirunavukkarasar says in the same Tevaram verse:  Moorthi avan than arur kettaL... After hearing the name of Siva, the lady-love came to know his town.  Bhagavan Ramana not only heard
Arunachala's name and also got from him the way to arrive at that town.

23. Om  Udaseenaya Namah:

Prostrations to Him, who remained in the state of being still,
Summa, without any worldly activities, (like a mad man).
Bhagavan Ramana remained like that in utter abandon of all
worldly activities.  Saint Tirunavukkarasar says in the same
Tevaram Verse, "Pinnam avanukke pichi anaL... The lady love
became mad without any activities whatsoever in contemplation of only Him and nothing else.  Pichi in Tamil means mad woman.

I shall cover a few more names in due course.

Arunachala Siva.