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Ashtavakra Gita - 11 [Recap of the discussion so far...]
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Ashtavakra Gita is Ashtavakra's teachings to Janaka. We shall be seeing how these teachings can aid us in
getting ourselves out of the imaginary clutches of maya.

Ashtavakra first starts by telling us that its important to learn that sense objects cannot give us ultimate
liberation. They give us only seeming liberation, that too we get more tied to the world. Sense objects are like
poison --- infact more dangerous than poison, coz they bring down the immortal to the levels of mortality.
The Self is immortal , while getting identified with senses and mind, we are "impose" mortality upon ourselves!
This is why this identification with sense objects is poisonous.

its important to understand that the objects of senses cannot give us completeness. Coz they do not have it to
give it to us. Completeness cannot be a byproduct of some interaction... coz interaction means timewise limited
and hence incomplete.

This understanding is vital.
And then Ashtavakra tells us that we are not the physical elements. the physical elements are jada, lifeless.
while we are life itself! Thus, its explained that we are Consciousness!

Being Consciousness therefore we are free. This understanding is presented. Now, this is not something to practice
its a statement of fact. Knowing this, if the disciple is still not liberated --- that means by habit patterns of his mind
he is getting mistakenly identified with the mithya jagat [the mirage like world of objects]. So such a disciple
needs some instruction ... and the most direct instruction is: just withdraw from the body and remain relaxed in the
Self. This gives immediate peace! This does not take time. The moment one withdraws from the mind and body
and remains relaxed in Self ... one is Free. no bondage holds the person! The world being mithya cannot touch the
Self !

Thus one is supposed to lead a liberated life.

What follows is a teaching which is going to aid us live this life of a liberated person.

Before we proceed to study this further ... There are two kinds of statements that can be seen in what follows.
1. A statement that is an instruction to follow
2. A statement that is simple knowledge.
We understand this better if we take the example of the Gita.
consider "ayam atma gudakesha...", i am the Self in all. Its not a practice. its a simple statement of fact. one does
not practice it. one IS it.
Similarly, "karmani eva adhikarasthe" ... you have right over work, not the result. A Statement of fact.
but at the same time there are statements like "maam ekam sharanam vraja" ... surrender completely to me alone, leaving
all dharma. That is a practice. how do i live it out!

There are therefore two kinds of statements. In ashtavakra gita, the second verse is an instruction. develop these qualities,
he says. the third verse is a simple statement of knowledge. something to know.that knowledge is then to me lived ... therefore
in the fourth verse, ashtavakra says "withdraw from the mithya jagat" and live Free -- here and now have Bliss! This is a very simple
upasana, meditation method. The whole scripture is full of such meditations.

infact, this is so for all scriptures. when the upanishads says God is One Virat Purusha, with sun and moon as eyes, the air is his breath
etc ... that is upasana mantra ... for meditation on the Fact that Everything is Brahman. When one adopts this attitude, it is liberating!
We shall study this further as we proceed.