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Speaking of madness
« on: November 13, 2009, 09:30:10 AM »
There are different types of madness with the human beings.
Madness for gold, land, share-market madness, madness for
women, food, and even madness for Godhead.  In fact, there
are no madmen inside the psychiatric wards  All madmen are
outside the psychiatric wards.

Bhagavan Ramana says about the worldly madness in Verse
66 of Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai.

Pittu vittu
unai ner pittan akkinai
aruL pittam teli marundu

Freeing me from the insane passion for the sense objects,
make me mad for union with You, the objectless pure form of
Atman.  Freeing me from that madness also grant me the true
cure of Arunachala.

But for God or Guru's grace, one cannot flee the madness for
this ephemeral world.  This madness has to be first cured.
Simultaneously, God should also confer us madness of devotion
to him to ensure merger with him.

Arunachala Himself is a madman.  But He is also the cure
for the madness of the world.  Bhagavan Ramana calls Him,
as Malai-Marundu, the Hill-Medicine.  This medicine cures
the madenss of the world and make one to become mad with

Pittam is madness in Tamil.  Arunachala Himself is called
Pitta.  Siva is Pitta, madman because he is wearing tiger's
skin as his waist cloth and elephant's skin as his upper cloth.
He wears all sorts of serpents, a skull garland, keeps Ganga
on his matted locks and he wears konrai and Umattham flowers.
Umatham flower gives madness.  This fellow is wearing Umatham flowers.  How else can he be, but mad?  Sundaramurty Swami
calls him as Pitta!  O madcap! in his very first song.

Pitta Pirai choodi, Perumane!......

O madcap, the wearer of the crescent moon, O Lord!

The moon is also indicates the mind.  The person afflicted
with madness reacts badly on full moon days!

But this great madcap will cure the worldly madness of
devotees and make them to go mad with Him!

Arunachala Siva.