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Kaivalya Navaneetam - 2
« on: November 10, 2009, 11:15:48 AM »
The quoted verses continue:-

87.  The Master beamed on him as he spoke, drew him near
and said very lovingly:  "To stay fixed in the Self, without three
kinds of obstacles obstructing your experience, is the highest
return you can render me."

88.  "My Lord! Can such realization as has transcended
the dust perception of "You" and "I" and found the Self
to entire and all-pervading, fail me at any time?"

89.  The Master replied:  "The truth that I am Brahman is realized from the scriptures only by the Grace of the Master, but it cannot
be firm in the face of obstructions.
Ignorance, uncertainty and wrong knowledge are obstacles
resulting from the longstanding habits in the innumberable
incarnations of the past which cause trouble, and then the
fruits of realization slip away.  Therefore, root them out by
hearing the Truth, reasoning and meditation.

90. Checked by incantations, fire will not scorch.  Likewise
defective realization will not put an end to bondage.  Therefore,
devote yourself to hearing the Truth, reasoning and meditation
and root out ignorance, uncertainty and wrong knowledge.

91. Ignorance veils the Truth that the Self is Brahman and
shows forth multiplicity instead; uncertainty is the confusion
resulting from lack of faith in the words of the Master; the
illusion that the evanescent world is a reality and that the
body is the self is wrong knowledge.  So say the sages.

92.  Hearing the Truth is to revert the mind repeatedly to the
teaching:  That thou art.  Reasoning is rational investigation
of the meaning of the text, as steadily as possible, already
heard. Meditation is one pointedness of the mind.  If everyday, you do these, you will surely gain liberation.

93. The practice must be kept up so long as the sense of knower, and knowledge persists.  No effort is necessary thereafter.
Remaining as pure eternal Consciousness, untainted like the
ether, and thus liberated while alive, one will live forever
as That  -- after being disembodied also.

Kunju Swami never left Bhagavan Ramana after reading this
portion of Kaivalya Navaneetam, excepting when Bhagavan
Ramana told him to attend some work in Tiruvannamalai or

Arunachala Siva.