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Kaivalya Navaneetam
« on: November 10, 2009, 09:56:52 AM »
Kaivalya Navaneetam is one of the few original texts that deals
with Advaitic principles.  It is authored by Tandavaraya Swami.
Bhagavan Ramana used to refer this book for reading by devotees,
on many occasions.

Kunju Swami came to Bhagavan Ramana, stayed there in the Hill,
with Him for a good number of days.  He started feeling that this
progress in Sadhana could now be done in Palakkad itself in his
home.  He left Tiruvannamalai.  In Palakkad, he found himself
back to square one, within a week.  So he rushed to Tiruvannamalai and told Bhagavan Ramana about his predicament.
Bhagavan Ramana smiled at him and told him to read the Verses
83 to 93 in the first chapter of KN, titled The Exposition of

83. On hearing this, the disciple loyal to the instructions of the
Master, discarded the five sheaths and the blank, realized the
Self as "I am Brahman", went beyond that and remained as
Perfect Being.

84. At the glance of the Master, who was Grace incarnate, the
worthy disciple sank into the Ocean of Bliss, and merged as
the undivided Whole as pure Consciousness free from body,
organs and all else, with the mind made perfect and he
became the true Self, unaware while awake.

85.  As the blessed disciple had remained in that state for a
long time, his mind gently turned outward.  Then he saw his
glorious Master before him.  His eyes were filled with tears
of joy.  He was full of love and fell at the feet of the Master.
He rose up, came round the Master and with folded hands
spoke to him.

86.  "Lord, you are the Reality remaining as my inmost Self,
riding me during all countless incarnations!  Glory to you who
have put on an external form in order to instruct me!  I do not see how I can repay your Grace, for having liberated me.  Glory!
Glory to your holy feet!"

Arunachala Siva.