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Ashta Virasthanams - 2
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Tirumular continues:

5. The fifth is Tripura Samhara, the vanquishing of three cities,
where in three demons had lived and travelled.  The demons
ruled over from the three fortresses, they landed on cities of the
celestials and destroyed them at their will.  Siva proceeded for
war against these three demons.  The chariot was ready, but the wheel broke.  Vishnu then became a bull and Siva ascended it,
and Siva had only one arrow, which was again Vishnu.  But he
never used it.  He just smiled at the three cities and three demons within, and they got burnt.

The temple to remember this, is in Tiruvadigai, a town near
Cuddalore, in Tamil Nadu.

Saint Tirumular sings:

The Primal Lord,
who on His matted crimson locks,
Wears Ganga's sacred water,
He destroyed the cities three,
-- Thus say the ignorant,
The three cities are three impurities,
It is them He burnt,
Who knows the this Truth thereof, except the Jnanis?

6. The sixth is the killing of elephant-demon, the one sent
by Daruka forests sages.  Siva killed the elephant, and wore
the elephant's skin as his upper garment.  The temple is in
Tiruvazhulur, in Tamil Nadu.  The elephant demon was called

Tirumoolar sings:

They lit the fires three,
The sacrificial blaze roared high,
and from inside it arose,
An elephant with evil power,
Whose hide the Lord peeled,
Why the Lord did it, they know not,
Seeking to rival the Lord's might
the Heaven's beings performed a homa unholy,
And all those who from that fire arose,
The Lord smote for the very fire to consume.

Tirumoolar adds here that in the sacrificial fire, the celestials
of evil intent were immolated in the very same fire.

7.  The seventh is the punishment meted out to Yama, god
of death.  Yama came to take the life of Markandeya, the sixteen year old boy who was an ardent Siva devotee.  The boy hugged
the Siva Lingam, in Tirukadaiyaur, near Mayiladuthurai, in
Tamil Nadu.  When Yama threw his whip around Siva Lingam,
Siva came out and gave him a nice kick.  He told him:  Markandeya's life of 16 years will never be over.  He will be
ever 16 since I have frozen the time for him.  Markandeya is
one of the Chiranjeevis, the ever living, as per Siva's holy texts.

Tirumoolar sings:

The Kundalini Fire coiled in Mooladhara,
Upward He cursed to hollow on top,
That fiery yoga way, He scorched the god of death,
That was in Kadaiyur, his holy shrine here below.

8.  The eighth is killing of Manmatha, the god of love. Manmatha, the god of love, came to Siva, who was in penance, to distrub Him with his arrows of flowers, so that Siva could unite with Uma for getting a son for killing the the three demon brothers.  Siva opened His eyes, and Manmatha was burnt to ashes.  Siva of course, sent out the fire from his third eye and Skanda was born to kill Tarakasura and his two brothers.  Manmatha was given a body, to be seen and enjoyed only by his wife Rati.  He is otherwise invisible.   The temple is in Tiru Korukkai, in Tamil Nadu.

Tirumoolar sings:

The Lord was seated in Yoga,
His thoughts stilled in deep meditation,
Lo! there came Manmatha,
To tempt the Lord with shafts of love,
But the Love-God's wiles, the Lord foiled in Yoga way,
And burnt Manmatha into ashes,
And He did this in Tiru Kodukkai, the shrine Divine.

Thus came the 8 heroic deeds and the temples to commemorate these deeds.

Arunachala Siva.